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06-20-09, 2:20 pm
Day 3:

Weighed chins bwX3, bw+10kg X3, bw+12kg X3, bw+15kg X3 X7

A1) BB decline bp 60kgX6, 70kgX6, 90kgX6, 100kgX5(PR)
A2) Db hammer curls 15kgX6, 17kgX6, 20kgX6 X2 (PR)

B1) Calf raises 160lbsX6, 180lbsX6, 220lbsX6 X2
B2) lying leg curls 25kgX6, 30kgX6, 35kgX6, 40kgX6

C) Db lunges 12kgX6, 17kgX6 X3

Cardio: 4 hours dancing

yesterdays workout iam still awake from yesterday 9am now is 2pm the next day. Had my best friend's wedding party and kept dancing 4 hours and kept awake because the wedding finished at 4am and my Maths final was on 9am

06-21-09, 2:06 pm
Day 1 shoulders:

Db front raises 5kgX12, 8kgX10, 8kgX8
Db arnold presses 10kgX12, 12kgX10, 15kgX8

Db rear raises 10kgX12,10,8
Db shrugs 27kgX12, 30kgX10, 35kgX8

Db side laterals 10kgX12,10,8
Db presses 15kgX12,10,6

Cardio: 50 mins

Awesome pump done with workout in 20 mins. My weights seem light but the burn and pump was amazing will be doing unilateral work for shoulders and arms because my right side is bigger than my leftside, oh and the weights are in each hand NOT combined