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10-31-07, 2:22 am
Alright, Im glad I found this place, I have been needing a place to log my stats. Ok, a brief bio.: I am 18 years old, I have been working out since July of 06, I was a fatty. I was 252 lbs at 6'1"ish. My goal was to get down to 200. I accomplished that goal by Dec of 06. When i started lifting I was very very very weak. The first time i ever bench pressed i could only get 50 lbs for 15 reps (yes, thats counting the bar). I eventually worked my way down to around 188-193 lbs, varying week to week, this summer (07). I am now on an offseason bulking session. I am also in college with a very demanding major, so i have a hard time catching sleep, finding time to work out, finding time to eat

previous one rep maxes:
bench press-160 i got this in may 07, so technically i should be stronger
back squat (parallel)- 200, been a while since I got this
deadlift- i havnt one repped on this, i can get 275 for 4 reps

I am still 6'1"ish 201.5lbs
Animal pak- i take this with the meal before i work out
Animal stak2- i take this 30 minutes before i work out
Syntha-6(protein shake)- in the morning, mid morning, after i work out, and when i dont have time to eat, and whenever i want really
Cell mass- in the morning and after i work out
N.O.-Xplode-30 minutes before I work out (btw this stuff tastes like liquid crap)
random brand protein bars- for snacks or desserts
*i plan to branch out and take some more animal products very very soon

my meals usually consist of:

breakfast- eggs, sausage,/ or oatmeal
lunch- tuna with eggs and wheat crackers/ chicken, rice, vegetables
dinner- same as lunch
2nd dinner- oatmeal/ same as lunch, dinner
*i drink water with everything
*i have a weakness for fastfood and chinese so i usually eat out about 3-4 times a week, ( i know, im a fatty)

training routine/schedule
4 day split
ideally i will go to the gym mon,tues, thursday, sat, but thanks to school and work, i can only go mon through thursday, four training days in a row

Mon- chest and tris
Tus- lower back, legs and forearms
wed- shoulders and traps
thu- back, rear delts,and biceps
*i do abs randomly

10-31-07, 2:42 am
today i am out of food, so i ate out all day. blah blah blah, i know, thats bad.
wake up
i am out of cell mass, so i took my back up creatine-garbage
sytha 6
breakfast- eggs, sausage, biscuit, cereal, grapes
lunch- chicken and fries, and a cookie
i then proceeded to sleep a good deal of the afternoon, because i have been sleep deprived lately, i missed a meal
wake up, and i eat oatmeal
some taco bell
animal stak2

today is a bad day bodybuilding wise, as stated earlier, i am out of food, and i have had a lack of sleep thanks to tons of school work, and a demanding job. i missed my workout monday due to the fact i slept only one hour sunday night/monday morning, i was exhausted to say the least.

workout ( i usually do this workout in an hour, but i had to do it in 40 minutes today)
dips- 7 4 5 each set to failure..
flat bench press- (not counting bar) 50lbsx12 70 x 10 90x2, i wasnt feeling this today, still recovering from the lack of sleep, and the dips when taken to failure kill me, and i rested barely 30 seconds between sets
hammer strength incline lateral press- 90x12, 140x8, 160x6, i just started hammer strength last week, so far i like it better than the barbell version
flat bench dumbell flies- 20x12, 25x10, 30x8, i went lighter today, i brought the dumbells down as far as i could today, for the stretch
skull krushers-(not counting bar) 40x8, 50x4 ( i used a different bar today, and it was heavier than the one i normally use, and i was nearly of time in the gym, so i didnt do my third set of this)
rope pushdowns- 50x12, 50x10, 50x10, 50x10, i didnt rest at all on these, and i never use th e rope, but the gym was closing and this was already on the machine so i went ahead and used it.

today like i said today was a bad bodybuilding day. tomorrow i wil be doing tons and tons of cooking, preparing a weeks worth of meals. i had to go faster and lighter today, but thats ok, i have been going heavy for a while,. tomorrow: legs, lower back, and fore arms

11-01-07, 1:50 am
i did legs today, ahhh yes.

i am still out my cell mass, and i am still out of food. so today has been a rough one. tomorrow i will be able to cook and go buy my creatine.. yes.

fried chicken, rice, and noodles(chinese)
mini wheats
animal stak2
syntha-6 with animal pak

Legs-lower back-forearms
deadlift- i decided not to do, so i could push myself more on squats, i do this every 3 weeks or so
back squats- 95x12 135x10 155x8 175x6*3 partial reps 185x4*2 partial reps
leg press- 180x12 (coming down as low as possible) 360x8 (bringing my thighs perpendicular to my torso 430x6 (used hands to steady my thighs on the way down) i really pushed myself on leg press today, i have used this much weight before, just last week, but i havnt done this much weight for this high of reps
hack squats- i did these to give them a try, i dont think i like them, 90x10 140x5
seated calf raise- 90x10 180x8 180x5, i dont like this gyms seated calf machine, and i used too much weight
straight leg deadlifts- 135x10 185x5* i used too much weight this last set and wore myself out
hammer curls- 25x10 30x8 35x6
reverse ez bar curls-40x8 40x8 i dont normally do these, but i felt my forearms needed it

01-18-09, 12:44 am
ha, well, honestly, i forgot about having this thread. When i started this written journey i entered on of the most trying semesters of my school career. By the end of that semester, i was drained in so many ways. I took a good long rest over the break, and hit the gym hard again, and now a year later, I am still going strong. My training has changed, my diet has changed, and my body has changed. I do things a little different than some, nothing drastic really. I hope to start this old journey back up, on this new year.

i am still 6'1", 206 lbs at the moment. I am on a muscle gain, fat burning regime right now. I am not bulking up, but I am not cutting. My goal in the gym, is to put on muscle, definitely not strength. You will read about me going for single reps, doubles, triples, etc very frequently, but these are not the usual one rep maxes most do.

here are my prs at the moment
bench-200 (just got this this week)
squat-255 for a double rep
deadlift-275 (6 reps) sumo; 245 conventional
barbell row- 205 double rep
cheat barbel curl-100lbs 4 reps

Universal/ Animal supplements are a staple in regime:
amino tech
eaa stak
liver tabs
shock therapy
animal max protein
real gains

i am a college kid, so my you can imagine my diet:
aside from protein shakes
tuna (lots of this)
chicken (from a can)
ramen noodles
frozen veges
peanut butter (lots of it)
milk (lots and lots of it)
wheat bread
and grilled chicken burritos from taco bell mmmm (these are a staple in my diet, i eat at least one a day, to have the benefit of all the hormones pumped into the chickens to make them grow....you think im joking)

more later, bed time

01-21-09, 11:40 pm
yesterday was leg day, woo, (1/20)
*my numbers arnt so high, because strength is not my game, muscle mass is, and i do not want to get hurt, i have very bad knees, so i avoid inuries at all cost
*all lifts without belt, or strap

squats- brx20, 95x15, 115x15, 155x12,185x12, 205x4, 225x4, 175x7
leg press- 180x12, 270x10, 360x8, 270x8 (i did toe presses at end of each set)
sldl-135x12, 155x10, 165x4, 135x14
stand calf rais, 380x10, 440x9, 500x7
seated calf raise- 90x10, 140x10, 160x7

ah, today was back day, as you may notive, i am not exactly chronicling every workout I do, just the ones, i feel that matter... woo

deadlifts- 135x12, 165x10, 185x8, 225x6, 245x4, 265x2,155x1 these were all done raw, i have been doing the like this for about a month, getting away from using a belt and straps
rev grip bb rows- barx20, 95x15, 115x15, 135x15, 165x12, 175x10, 185x8, 205x3, 165x7
hammer strenght, iso high row- 90x15, 180x15, 230x12, 300x6
Close grip pulldown-100x10, 130x10, 160x10, 190x5
bent lateral rais-20x10, 25x10
db upright row-25x10, 32.5x10, 35x7
db shrug-80x9

02-10-09, 10:43 am
Looking good so far man. It's normal to add the poundage of the bar with the weight you're lifting, so if you want to do that, it's alright. Anyway, workouts are lookin' pretty good--I'll check back again later, for sure.

02-10-09, 10:56 am
Good to have you back on the right page brother. Glad you have prgressed thru as well. You weights have gone up which is awesome! Keep it going.

02-10-09, 2:56 pm
Looking good so far man. It's normal to add the poundage of the bar with the weight you're lifting, so if you want to do that, it's alright. Anyway, workouts are lookin' pretty good--I'll check back again later, for sure.

yeah, i just tend not to count the bar, so i remember what to put on the next week, easier to keep it in the journal. but thanks man

Good to have you back on the right page brother. Glad you have prgressed thru as well. You weights have gone up which is awesome! Keep it

yeah, Its difficult finding the time to get on here, and posting my work out. I always find time for the gym, but I may end up slipping on here, and not posting. Thanks though man, always trying to improve.

02-10-09, 3:06 pm
yesterday was my chest day. I have been busy this week with school work, its going to be hectic all weeks, so may not get all my work outs in until the weekend. I was not on my A game yesterday, had an awesome work out, my numbers were not as high as usually. So, i just decided to do a different set rep scheme, and my parnter was not ther for a spot either. anyway

flat bench bb press, barx20, 95x15, 115x10, 135x10, 145x6, 155x4, 125x6
incline db press- 35x12, 45x12, 50x12, 55x10, 60x5, 45x10
flat bench db fly- 20x12, 25x12, 30x10, 35x 8, 40x6
dips-body weight x 8, 6, 4, 4
chest press machine, 100x12, 130x 10, 160 x10

i then did this nifty stand db exercise i made up, to work my delts and chest,
db upright rows- 25x10, 30 x10
ez bar upright rows- 20x12, 30x12, 40x6

i was not as strong, but still got an awesome pump, and am sore today. which is all that matters.

I am now trying to get down to 190, after swelling up to 210. my weight yesterday was 201. So, nearly half of the way there.

02-14-09, 11:51 am
still, pretty tired from this draining week, so whatever I am able to lift in the gym, i am happy. I did back yesterday, man, I love training back.

Deadlifts. 135x4, 135x4, 185x1, 205x1, 225x1, 275x1, 185x3, 135x6
Overhand BB row- 95x15, 115x12, 135x12, 145x10, 155x7, 165x8, 185x5, 205x3, 225x1, 165x6
hamer strength high row- 90x10, 230x10, 230x8
V-bar pulldown-100x10, 130x10, 160x10
Bent lateral 20x10, 20x10
DB Shrug-75x10, 85x10, 95, x3

at the end of the workout, I felt like I had accomplished something, I was not able to pull much on deads, but on my rows, I felt like i could have pulled anything

02-15-09, 12:48 am
Okay, today was arm day. Ha, arms are the last thing i train each week. Wonder where my emphasis is. The usually packed gym was empty today, so I had a much more relaxed training session.

oh, by the way, i super set bis and tris. today my emphasis was biceps, last arm session my emphasis was triceps, (i place emphasis by which muscle i train first, bicep being that today)

straight bar curls- 45x12, 55x10, 65x10, 75x10, 85x8, 90x6, 65x6 (after each set, super setted it with:
french presses.. freedom presses as I call them- 35x10, 35x10, 55x10, 65x10, 75x8, 85x6, 35x10

ez bar curls-35x10 45x10, 55x9, 35x12
straright bar skull krushers- 50x10, 60x10, 70x8, 50x8

alternating DB curl-25x10, 30x10, 35x6
one arm db extension-20x10, 25x10, 30x6

db hammer curl-30x8, 35x8
machine dips-100x12, 130x10, 140x8

db upright rows-25x10, 25x8

today was not really a spectacular workout. but I got it done.

02-18-09, 8:06 pm
ah, i was going to have to skip my leg work out today because of my work load for school. BUT I had a teacher cancel class, so I made a very fast trip to the gym. It was an impromptu session, but it got the job done.

back squats-45x10, 95x10, 115x10, 135x10, 165x10, 185x10, 205x3, 135x12
leg press-90x12, 180x10, 270x10, 360x6, 90x15
i did some standing calf raises, leg extensions, then seated calf raises, but very quickly, i had to get to class.


07-12-09, 10:32 pm
ah. always being late to update. just thought id throw up my new numbers on here.


bench 205
dead 300
squat 300
bb row 225

maybe ill post up some workouts. internet access is limited.

07-07-11, 3:20 pm
Took the rage at a different time for this workout. Took it upon entering the gym, so took the shot, then started warming up and lifting.

Okay, Quad workout

Zercher Squat


Leg Press

and done.

Great workout. From my findings, it seems Rage is most helpful in prolonging a workout, adding more sets and exercises. So, since I love volume, Rage is of great benefit to me.