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03-30-08, 3:09 pm
How important is Vanadyl Sulfate to your daily nutrition, when should I take it and how much? Is it a good product to take year round?

03-30-08, 3:12 pm
its not essential t all. I take it because im somewhat carb sensative. Helps to use carbs more efficeintly at meal time. I take one tab at each big carb meal.

04-09-08, 12:16 am
has anyone else taken this?

ive been reading up on but wondering if anyone else has actually taken it and recommends it or not.

04-09-08, 1:15 am
I am carb sensitive as well. I take it with my meals that have less fibrous carbs to shuttle the sugars where they are needed more. Its effective, but not a reason to let your diet slip. I keep meaning to try it before my w/o to see if it effects my pump, but I am a dumbass and forget. -T.

04-09-08, 12:27 pm
I take VS in addition to Chromium Polynicotinate

04-09-08, 1:00 pm
I take VS in addition to Chromium Polynicotinate

Same here. -T.

04-09-08, 1:04 pm
I do remember awhile back using it in combo with glutamine and creatine mono, to increase pump and fullness. I had read that the combo worked well together in one of the BB magazines.

I have not used it in some time though.

07-16-08, 12:02 am
has anyone been taking vanadyl sulfate? or recently added it to their supp cabinet? im going to be adding this and alpha lipoic acid to my bulk for sure.
i think these 2 supplements maybe be ones that are under looked and that people might not know much about. just wondering what others think about them.

07-16-08, 3:04 am
you know I use them both and love them both. Both supps are fantastic in regulating the body's blood sugar levels and helps the muscle uptake of glycogen. Vanadyl will force more protein, aminos and sugars right into the muscles. ALA helps us collect energy and nutrients from the food we eat. Vanadyl and ALA (alpha lipoic acid) are 2 of my staples when carb cycling and bulking.

Naturally Huge
05-12-09, 8:01 pm
Any thoughts on using vanadyl sulfate? I've read both good and bad.

05-12-09, 8:08 pm
Picked up this quote...

'It is believed to play a role in helping to regulate the body's healthy blood sugar levels, similar to insulin. Studies show that vanadyl sulfate mainly helps the muscle cells uptake glucose (instead of fat cells (adipocytes) uptaking glucose). Basically, by mimicking the actions of insulin, vanadyl sulfate forces more proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates directly into muscles.'

That sounds pretty spot on in terms of what we want from our supplements. I use 10mg VS with my high carb/protein meals and pre w/o, so its in the system for my post w/o nutrition dense shake.

05-12-09, 8:24 pm
I started using 40mg a day about 2 months ago(20mg in the am and 20mg in the pm). I've noticed that i'm a bit leaner and also I feel as if I recover faster than before I was taking it.... Just my $.02. Peace.


07-14-09, 2:00 pm
I stumbled on to this while doing some research I believe Universal has a product but no one really mentions it?

If you have any further info on this product (I understand the basics just courious of How it works)......please share the wealth...also if you have taken this what are your thoughts?