View Full Version : Which Animal Training Routine on a bulk?

06-26-08, 6:44 pm
so which training routine did you guys find to be most helpful to you while you were bulking and what kind of results did you achieve?

06-26-08, 8:16 pm
i found that lifting weight worked real well and eating alot work really well...together they worked really well..... lol :P

seriously though if ur on a bulk do all ur heavy compound lifts and eat ur ass off...other then that you just have to experiment i guess.

06-26-08, 8:22 pm
Pretty much every routine I've done that consisted primarily of compound movements gained me strength, but I found that it wasn't til I got my eating in check that I made any serious mass gains quick. The quickest, fastest way to bulk up imo is to drink a gallon of whole milk a day, and squat til you fucking drop! The squats and milk program did me pretty good.

09-27-08, 5:44 pm
Putting eating a side as it is of course the base to mass gain..

Which routine looks best? I find them all great to be honest. But still trying to decode on which one to start with..

Any thoughts?

09-28-08, 3:03 am
Big basic exercises for sets of 6-8 reps or pyramid sets with 2 work sets at end.


Bench Press
3 warm up sets
3-4 working sets for 6-8 reps

or pyramiding as follows-

Bench press includes warm ups as you pyramid up in weight and lower the reps

I have done the following for mass and had great success with it,food is where its at though mate, eating every 2.5-3hrs without fail day in day out never missing a meal, never!

Monday Chest and delts
Bench press
Incline press
Shoulder press

Tuesday Back
Bent over rows

Thursdays Legs
Standing calf raise
Leg press
Leg curls

Friday Arms and abs
Barbell curl
Preacher curl
Close grip bench press
Skull crushers

09-28-08, 9:11 pm
Squats and milk program or intermediate 5x5 will work great for bulking, but like the others said its all about proper nutrition.

09-29-08, 9:52 pm
Putting eating a side as it is of course the base to mass gain..

Which routine looks best? I find them all great to be honest. But still trying to decode on which one to start with..

Any thoughts?

Like most of the brothers have been saying, big, basic compounds, keep it intense but don't linger all day because fucking exercise is catabolic, no one has ever built an ounce of muscle in the gym - the routine is the stimulus but the nutrition defines growth and mass gain. Remember, exercise itself is catabolic and burns calories - calories in must be greater than calories out EVERYDAY - has to be a surplus if you wanna get big. Bearing that in mind, keep it concise in the gym, you wanna burn the least calories possible when striving for mass gain. You bust it up in the gym and you grow outside the gym - go at it from that approach. The only time you aren't capable of growing is the time you are actually training, so make fullest advantage of the rest of the time. Rest and grow, eat and grow, conserve calories cut out excess activities which cut into your potential surplus.

06-25-10, 2:45 am
For many of these guys a lack of muscle wasn't the result of a lack of trying. They were training, eating, and reading all the muscle mags. They talked to coaches, trainers, and buddies, (some of who played football or wrestled) about things they could do to change...but still nothing came of it.

07-09-10, 5:11 pm
5x5 is great but gotta say I found that works great is routine 11 from animalpak training routines a new good one that looks solid is routine 16.

07-25-10, 9:07 am
what I found that worked for me when I started out at 6'6 150 pounds was the old school thought eat big lift big do your squats deadlifts and bench these three lifts will put size on then everything else will be for shape ,Ive been liftin for 25yrs. And Im now at 6'6 340 pounds of solid muscle,Any way thats what worked for me.you just have to read ,talk to other lifters and try different routines.L&R bigrobb

08-09-10, 11:54 pm
Deepalisnis, just curious. What was the lack of muscle caused by ? If you eat big, train hard and rest, you are gonna grow. You have to, to a certain point.

08-20-10, 7:47 pm
I just started no.10 this week and holy shit!!!!! Very nice.

09-14-10, 7:16 pm
I did Mcgraths in the journey book for awhile along with IForce's Dymethazine...when it was legal and i gained quite a bit of size, all of my lifts even on a BB routine shot up and i saw a inch on my Bi's which my Bi's never grow, and overall a few inches on my chest. Also 3 inches on my legs. I forgot how long i did the routine for tho, but i liked it a lot, had to modify it though

10-25-10, 7:14 pm
im using no. 11 and im seeing some impressive gains in strength and weight, but ive also got my diet working better than it has in the past.