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07-02-08, 3:43 pm
Ok England I need to know of your gym, where its based, whether its a good place for an ABC and of surrounding gyms in your area, please assist here as we can get some good training sessions going throughout the year, all meet up at a venue near you, ok some travelling is needed but its always well worth the effort, have a training session and then a meal after nearby, we are a mixed bunch that are older (I`m 44) younger, bigger or smaller, some into bodybuilding, some powerlifting, some martial arts, it doesn`t matter as long as you take part.

Things I specifically need to know are as follows providing its suitable for an ABC meeting-

Name of gym
Location, i.e. address with postcode
Nearest train stn
Do they have a website?
Do you have any pics?
cost for session
somewhere to eat nearby

Lets get some sessions in before the end of the year.

Many Thanks.

07-02-08, 4:47 pm

Come on lads and lasses.

07-03-08, 8:30 am
26 views!!! No replies, maybe nobody from UK has read this yet.

Come on.

07-04-10, 3:35 pm
all corporate stuff round here, members only kinda thing, heaviest dumbells at my current gym = 55kg, heaviest at previous gym 65kg (only 1 pair of them)