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02-05-07, 4:48 pm
Yo people hey im doing training routine #11 i think it is, the most recent one..... however i did back today which is monday but why is dumbbell pullovers one of the exercises on their for back??? Isnt it a chest movement.... well im just gona replace pullovers for pullups i guess.... i dont know if u guys maybe mistyped or w.e. well neways be safe and be eazy friends!

02-05-07, 4:50 pm
Do a search for pullovers on the forum man, you'll see why pullovers are added on back day. They hit lats with a different range of motion.

02-05-07, 4:52 pm
IMO I would never do em for chest, I consider em a lat exercise.

02-05-07, 5:26 pm
IMO I would never do em for chest, I consider em a lat exercise.

They work both lats and chest just as long as you're practicing proper form. If you concentrate on the muscle that you're targeting you can place more emphasis on one than the other.

11-12-07, 9:13 pm
Any of you currently using any of the eleven ANIMAL routines posted here?

Any thoughts on training 1 part per session every other day or no more than 2 days in a row of:
(not necessarily in that order)
with abs/calves in the mix

with a 1 on, 1 off, & one part, too long between working, say, chest again?

Thinking is: give one part the full attention + scheduled rest; 'cept when abs, calves added every 2-3 sessions.

11-13-07, 1:58 am
Thats too long between training in my opinion. I traing everything twice a week, and couldnt imagine training them less than once every 5 or 6 days.

11-13-07, 6:06 pm
^ with him you need to train each body part at least once per week. Twice if you have time. I have personally done this routine and have seen some massive gains:


in that order and each set is supersetted with another. (example: one chest set followed by 1 bi set and then back to the chest set, about 4 exercises in sets of 4 repping 10-12). Also choose totally different exercises/or some variations of exercises can be done from 1st bi day to second, same with tri. (Example: first tri day I will do kickbacks, pushdown (straight bar), ropedowns, 1 dumbell overhead. On second tri day I will do close grip bench, skullcrushers, 1 arm alternating dumbell overhead, pushdowns with v-bar)

I reserve one day for cardio (about 45 mins) in addition to squeezing about 15-20 mins of cardio after every session. cardio can provide for a good stretch, which will help you grow too. Im talking mild cardio not some hardcore marathon type run till u puke thing. The puking is only reserved for my lifting thank you.

Hope this helps bro, now go forth and change that strategy.

11-13-07, 8:53 pm
Guys, thx,

I do stick with training a part once a week; twice, I couldn't take it; you younger guys probably can.

After the ABC AZ session Saturday, I broke the rule & did back today; an ANIMAL routine where deads are done last. bent rows - 145, T-bars 160, seated cable rows 150 & deads & rack deads - 225 - 325. Not big #'s I know but I feel trashed & that's good. Ab crunches with 160. May force myself to try the one on, one off for the 5 parts & see how it goes; mainly to make the 'rest' equally important as the training. We'll see.

Have to hand it to the ABC AZ session; VERY motivating to meet other ANIMALS you hadn't known but now know they're out there somewhere training hard too. Friendly competition to be ready for another sometime.

11-13-07, 10:22 pm
numbers are NEVER to be sacrificed for form. I see these guys at the gym doing a whole stack on cable bicep curls but no squeeze no nothing...all momentum and shoulder work...why would I want to go to the gym to rob myself when I can do that sitting on the couch with a supersized mac?

form form form...I will NOT hesitate to use the 10 lb dumbells if it helps me do good form. Generally I will start new things with VERY LOW weight and then move up... earn the exercise's respect :P

11-13-07, 11:00 pm
I know form.
I have form.
I don't sacrifice form.

I don't hit the gym to mess around.

11-13-07, 11:08 pm
monday: chest
tuesday: back/forearms
wednesday: off
thursday: shoulders/traps
friday: bi's and tri's/ 2 excercises for forearm pump at end of wo
saturday: massive leg beat down
sunday: rest

i love this routine...i absolutely kill each body part on its designated day, allows me to completely 100% focus on breaking that muscle group down...this routine works for me, but it might not be the right one for you..just gotta experiment..good luck man

LHS Monster
11-13-07, 11:11 pm
eh i see good gains with mine i do like this

11-15-07, 4:29 pm
Most people I that I talk to work a body part out every 5-7 days. They are all about my age (mid forties) so recovery time is a little longer than that of young guns. I train each body part once every 7 days and really kill them, keeping in my mind “ I won’t be doing this exercise again for a week so make it count”.

I have in the past incorporated some of the Animal Routines in my workouts since I like to change up every 6-8 weeks. Split routines 2, 7, and 9 are my favorites.

11-15-07, 4:48 pm
I don't see it as a problem as long as the workouts are max effort. That being said you should be about passed out at the end of your workout. The bodypart will then fully heal in 6-7 days and hopefully you can put up more weight than your last workout. Try it out bro...thats the only way you will know if you like it.

08-25-09, 7:58 pm
Hey bros, so I've been doing training routine 11 for 1 year now and have added 45 pounds to my physic, but I think I'm maxed out at 165, so I think it's about time to change it up and add some cardio to my workouts. I've considered of doing training routine 5, just wondering what you guys think of this. I also noticed there isn't any delt training in that routine, is this a good thing? Let me know what you guys think.

08-25-09, 8:08 pm
So you've peaked at 165 lbs? I'm sure you still got plenty of growth left in the tank bro.

#5 looks ok, but I would add in some delt work on the chest/tri day, do calves on leg day, and only do one back day.

Thus having a classic push/pull/legs routine, which is a great way to run a split imo.

08-26-09, 2:28 pm
so is it a good idea to start doing some cardio, and changing up my routine? it's been like 4-5 months and i haven't gained a pound. I'm 21 5 5 165. Or should i stick to my routine and change up my reps/sets? I've been doing light to heavy sets, 10 then to fail, and doing alot more drop sets.

08-26-09, 3:12 pm
if your having trouble gaining weight, lower the reps and high the cals.

08-26-09, 11:20 pm
I figured I would ask here. Since routine 5 has some different rep counts per set, Should I do all the sets to one lift before moving on? I.E. Do all five sets of squats before moving on to Leg Curls. Or should I alternate lifts and sets?

08-27-09, 6:49 pm
No one answered my question, so i went ahead and did all the sets to one lift before moving on. I assume that is how this workout plan was designed because it works.

08-27-09, 11:44 pm
Yea that's how you do that routine. Its sets 1-4 getting heavier with less reps then 50 % to failure. If your trying to gain more weight and size though I would stick to maybe 3 sets progressively getting heavier. Like maybe 10 reps then 8 then 6. I wouldn't worry so much about doing drop sets right now. Whats your diet look like? Every time i start to get stuck i realize it's because i haven't increased my calories according to my weight and muscle mass.