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07-28-08, 10:26 pm
a couple of weeks ago i was bench pressing and i felt a little tweek in my right pec. every time i try to bench it hurts so i am taking it easy these next few week or until it is healed with no chest workouts. what is the best way to help my chest heal faster? would stretching help or should i just wait until it is completely healed to to anything for my chest?

07-28-08, 11:07 pm
I'm no doc, but I would say you should see one. There's no way to tell what kind of injury you have over the internet and some injuries will be better off working through them, while others will get way worse if you try that. Your best bet is to take it easy until you can get it checked out. Best of luck healing man.

07-29-08, 11:04 pm

also i dont think stretching would be a good idea..if you have a slight tear or strain, stretching could compound it.

07-30-08, 12:25 am
It's not IF but WHEN it happens on the flat bench press.......sorry to hear man. heal up

07-30-08, 11:46 am
i am rehabing from EXACTLY what happened to you. it sucks cause i powerlift and the benchpress is 1/3 of what i do.

take 2 months off from all exercises that hurt your pecs. it should not be in pain after about a week. you should feel fine BUT DO NOT try to do pecs. they feel ine but truely are not. its like a scab, you pick at it to soon and it'll bleed,causes a scar. what you will do is retear the new fibers trying to grow. this will causes scar tissue inside your muscles which sucks.

return to doing chest in 2 months(8 weeks) and the bench press 2 weeks after. build up light. warm up very very well.

treadmill for 5 minutes

light clean and presses,20 reps

jump squats fpr 20 reps

rotator cuffs for 20 reps

20 pushups

light db rows for 20 reps

now proceed to your first exercise. do another light warm up set. then a heavier warmup set.

let it heal. and see a doctor.

01-07-09, 4:16 am
In the beginning of August I was on my second set of bench when I heard a sort of pop on my first rep, It didn't hurt but on my second rep I felt a tearing feeling and my left shoulder completely gave out. I even heard a tearing sound, and it hurt like hell. It made me feel faint and I thought I totally f*cked it up. I looked at it, but it didn't look like anything.

I iced it for a couple days, and it did hurt pretty bad but the pain subsided after a few days. I tried to do chest again, but I would get a pain in my shoulder/armpit area. It felt like the pain was where your front delt ties into your chest. I took a long time off from chest to try and let it heal and finally went back to chest last week. It felt sort of unstable, but not really painful. I was able to do decent weight, but it still doesn't feel normal. It sort of feels like it might tear or give out when I bench. It doesn't hurt at all during anything else besides doing chest. I'd like some opinions on what you guys think it could be, and maybe someone has experienced something similar. Whatever opinion or advice you can give I would really appreciate it. I'm frustrated as hell with this roadblock!

01-07-09, 5:21 am
My advice is to drop the bench press at least for a while, I never do these anymore due to shoulder pain but I do incline and decline heavy, maybe this would be a good alternative for you.

Most people don`t bench correctly anyway and end up with some delt pain, myself included in the past, ever watch a powerlifter bench? Much diferent to joe average bodybuilder.

01-12-09, 7:40 am
Thanks for the good advice, anyone else?

01-12-09, 3:55 pm
hey my man, maybe get it checked out by a doctor. But theyll prob prescribe you to get some therapy, which would in turn mean just doing alot of light movements with rubberbands. Your not gonna wanna do chest for a while, but instead take a big rubber band, found at nearly any gym. tie it to something secure and do standing chest presses, also do flyes. do theses daily until you feel you are comfortable again. you may have torn a ligament and need to build it back up again.

06-15-10, 9:00 am
One of our guys injured his chest muscle. It hurts right down the middle of his chest and more on the left side that the right side. If he lays on the floor on his stomach, and slowly arches his back, it feels like the muscle is being torn away from the bone in the middle of his chest. Does this sound like anything common that you guys have run into and is there any way to rehab it or does it just need rest?

06-15-10, 9:20 am
I would get it checked by the Dr, just to make sure. Muscle tears are nothing to mess with.

06-15-10, 11:27 am
I would get it checked by the Dr, just to make sure. Muscle tears are nothing to mess with.

Agreed, If you feel that your or your friends have torn or ripped anything it is ALWAYS best to see your doctor 1st to get the all clear before you damage it or yourself further.