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08-11-08, 5:11 pm
This is a blog I wrote that I wanted to share....

My Bro, The Pro

If you know me, which most of you do very well, you know how important my entire family is to me. You've heard me talk about it before and I'm sure you'll hear me again, but how much can a big sister really talk her brother up?

He deserves the credit for sure. My dear brother, Erik also known as IFBB Pro Erik "The House" Fankhouser is a true inspiration. I just don't say that because he is my brother. He is truly one of the best people you could ever meet in your life. There isn't a person out there that works as hard as he does at everything he does. He is successful and it doesn't always come easy.

Being a loving son, a caring brother, a loyal husband, a dedicated father, a cool uncle, a true friend along with working full-time in a career, training full-time as a pro bodybuilder keeping all of his goals in check, not to mention all of the extras on the side. I think alot of people just see the bodybuilding as something he does. But he lives it, and unless you know first hand everything his heart and soul encounters, then you will never understand.

The hard work, dedication, time and motivation it takes to do what he has done are remarkable. He manages it all and I admire him for being so strong, not only physically as we see on the outside, but mentally as well. It's not all glamorous. Fame is sometimes lonely. The sacrifice he makes is above and beyond anything that we can comprehend.

We don't get as much time to spend as a family as we like to. Sometimes I miss him alot, and it's been an adjustment to step back and keep in mind that no matter how busy he is or how famous he becomes, at the end of the day, he's still my brother, he's still a daddy, still a normal down to earth guy. And I think that's why people respect him so much. He knows how to keep it all balanced.

For those of you who want to support him and check it out, Erik will be making his pro debut in Texas next week at the Europa. You can check out the show live online at bodybuilding.com. And then in September, he will be guest posing and hosting a local show taking his name, The Erik Fankhouser WV State Mid Atlantic Grand Prix. It's a great chance for you to come out and get a taste of the business.

So in closing I want him to know, as I think he does, that we are all so proud of him. We wish you the best of luck at the Europa. And as before, no matter what, you are always in first place in our book!!

08-12-08, 7:34 pm
many people get in bodybuilding and say

"i wanna be as big as arnold"

as i keep learning about erik

i say everyday to myself

"i hope one day i can be like the house"


cuz he taught me that is not just about being huge, but being a great human being too

my best wishes for the house, landlord, lil x and the whole team fankhouser

europa is yours house!

08-12-08, 7:45 pm
Thats what I call a sister! Kind heartfelt words, Im sure he already knows.

Ive posted in about 6 different threads already, but House is the man! He's truly someone I can look up not only as a bodybuilder but as a man.

Go get em this weekend man!

08-13-08, 3:02 pm
Thanks! I just really want people to realize how real he is. I know alot of people respect and appreciate him for that exact reason!

08-13-08, 3:05 pm
Erik is an all around good dude!...from training to advice he has personally pulled my head out of my ass a few time on my diet!...he deserves the best cause he always puts forth his best!

08-13-08, 3:07 pm
Welcome to the boards chelle8176. From what I've read here and seen in videos, House is everything you say he is. We're all behind him here.
Thanks for posting about watching the show on bodybuilding.com. I didn't know about that and hope to catch it.

08-13-08, 3:11 pm
Thanks again... I know I'll be glued to my computer all night!!! lol Don't forget to cast your votes too!!!

08-13-08, 3:16 pm
a thread Joe put together the other day for the House!...we will be having a europa party at his place with it on the big screen!


08-13-08, 3:21 pm
I did see that post... awesome!! I posted my little good luck card on there for my bro! My sister and I wanted to try to do that big screen thing too but I have an apple computer and my hubby tells me I need Apple TV to make it work. I guess it's a little expensive so I didn't press the issue..lol. But if anyone knows any tricks, let me know! :-)

08-13-08, 4:07 pm
Deep post. Like you said, its a lifestyle that takes time, effort, and love from everyone. As with everyone else on here, we cant be more proud of Erik and cant wait to see him crush the comp and take it home.

I ll have to watch it from someone elses PC or go somewhere cuz my laptop is too old to stream it live lol.

But Ill be cheering even if Im not watching it.

08-13-08, 4:16 pm
great post.
Erik is a great guy and he has a great supporting cast around him too.

10-02-09, 10:22 pm
may be an old thread, but i somehow stumbled here...that is exactly how this sport should cross over into real life...you still need to be so much more than this sculpted physique of beauty which not many of us are able to say gave us a "pro card"...to have What Erik does in pure passion and exhilaration shouts volumes for the persona of the man behind those monstrous calves...

definitely an animal through and through!

10-03-09, 10:10 am
Erik is the kind of guy that everyone wants to be!

enuff said rightthere!

good luck Erik!