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10-03-08, 4:28 am
I have been training for 5 years since I was 15 but only seriously the past couple of years. Something began building up inside of me, I didn't know what it was but I knew it was huge. I first bulked in 2007 for about 4 months and ever since then I have been an animal, I just didn't know it until I found the Forvm.

I weigh just under 200 lbs about 91 kg, and i am 5" 9. I live in Adelaide, SOuth Australia and train at a decent gym although there are not many animals there. I have been big since I began training but this is the beginning of becoming fucking huge. I hear at least once a day if not more that I am already too big or big enough and I should stop now. This makes me thrive for it even more. I eat 6-8 meals a day equalling about 250 g of protein and at least 600 g carbs. No need to talk about training because we all know what training like an animal is about. But I will give some stats so when I check back in I can compare.

Bench: 90 kg for 8 reps
Deadlift: 100 kg for 8 reps
Squat: 90 kg for 8 reps
Military Press: 60 kg for 8 reps

Chest: 44 inch
Arms: 17 inch
Thighs 25 inch
Calves 16 inch

I am "bulking" and won't stop until I consider myself a beast, which means at least 115 kg (250 lbs) or more. I recently turned 20 and it made me realise I can no longer be "big for my age", now I am pitted against everyone and it makes me feel tiny. I understand that bodybuilding is about bulking and cutting etc, and I do plan to cut and compete some day but getting to a mega sized frame is my total focus right now.

I made this post because now my goals are written on the wall so to speak. I will check back each time something of significance occurs. The reason I posted today is because of a comment someone made to me whilst training, and then a long mirror session I had after, which is when i realised i am on the path now, and there is no fucking turning back. after months of playing with my diet and training now I know what i need to know and exactly what i need to do.

The time has come to do it, here i go


Look not at where you fell, but where you slipped

05-05-10, 5:49 am
Well I decided not to continue with my "journey" obviously however my literal journey has been picking up pace and I figure I should conclude this post as I can't delete it and I don't wana be seen as a quitter :)
I competed in 2 natural bodybuilding contests in 2009 with good success. I cut down to about 80 kg it was a wicked experience. I also hardened up on diet and learned a lot more about training, strength becoming more important to me. Not that numbers mean shit but:
Deadlift 180 kg x3
Squat 160 kg x3
Bench 130 kg x4
(I realised what it takes to grow, thanks guys!)

I am currently weighing 96 kg still with abs which is the best ive been, and even though I sound like I was convinced in 08 I am now thoroughly convinced haha. Things have just kept getting more intense since then and the main thing I have learned is that I know very little and my thirst for knowledge is continually increasing, the more I know the less I know or however it goes.

Anyway as I don't plan to continue the journey I might update in another 2 years, and I pledge that I will be going harder and stronger on my way to that 115kg. Right now I am closing in on that 100kg milestone and I am fucking pumped.

I come on here every single day and have done since I joined, whether it be reading articles or threads I learn and gain inspiration. I still don't know any other bodybuilders but I am repping our set heavy and hard and I aint going anywhere. Over and out.


05-05-10, 9:35 am
Good to have you back my man. Strength has gone up significantly, thats awesome.