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10-10-08, 12:34 pm
Whats up fellas. I just decided to make my journey my own personal log where I can type whatever the hell I feel so let's do this...

I'm 21, 6"1' and 210 lbs right now. I could be a pretty boy if I want, which I do dress nice but I'm too manly for that haha. In all honesty, I flipped my style up alot lately and am starting to sport my Affliction than American Eagle. Ok I haven't gotten any Affliction because it's so fuckin expensive but I will soon, I promise!

Right now and lately I haven't been getting the stuff I need. I eat right, my diet is great and I believe in intaking a high level of FIBER. This is to help keep off the unwanted fat. Here's my meal plan on an average day. I just ordered some shit so I'll include that in there.

- Take Lipo 6 30 min prior to breakfast

-Meal 1 (930am)
Whole Wheat Bagel w/ 2 tbsp. Reduced Fat Creame Cheese
- 1 cup of Fiber One w/ Skim Milk
- 4 Egg Whites(Raw Brother!!!)
- Animal Pak
- 1 Whey Shake

- 945am Animal M-Stak

- 10am Animal Pump


- 1 Whey Shake
- 1 Bowl of Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Lean Ground Beef

- 1 Whole Wheat Sandwhich with 3 Slices of Fat Free Turkey and Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese
- 1 Cup of Mashed Potatoes.
- 1 Whey Shake

- 1 Bowl of Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Lean Ground Beef

- 1 5oz Chicken Breast w/ 1 tbsp. BBQ Sauce, 1 cup of Broccoli

- Sometimes throw down a bowl of Special K with Skim Milk

I take a Casein Shake

I used to take ZMA but I'm out right now and not in a huge rush to go out and get it.

SO(Dick Cheney style) there you have it brothers. That's my monster meal plan right there, if you wanna call it that. I recently bought the following

Animal Pak
Animal M-Stak
Animal Pump
Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein

I really needed all of these very bad. I also take Whey and am out of Glutamine but I can live without it for a little bit. One thing that bothered me I forgot to pick up but really can't afford right now is Animal Omega. After reading an article last night I realise how important it is to obtain a high ammount of fatty acids from three components

- fish oil
- evening primrose oil
- flax seed oil
- conjugated linoleic acid

I'll let you guess where I read that. Now I will be honest with you. I have always taken Fish Oil and Flaxseed. I used to take Flaxseed but switched to Fish Oil. I never realised how important these were untill I read the article saying how the author couldn't get rid of the unwanted body fat he had. Now I'm not really fat but I got a little bit of a man gut. I recently stopped drinking a month ago so that should help greatly. I have begun to run on my off days and also take Lipo-6 which to be honest with you helped me shed some unwated body fat. I believe it to work because there is a serum inside that increases your throid. You do the math why that works!

Now as I'm waiting for my products to get here(probally on Monday) I feel like a kid waiting for Santa on Xmas. I'm no beginner so I know if I go hard, this stuff will blow me up nicely. I already have a big frame and am fairly toned. I'm going to be posting pictures of my journey soon.

I am very lucky to have a great and supporting girlfriend. We been together over 10 months and she doesn't bitch or nag like one's in the past. She is all for the healthy lifestyle and is planning on getting into fitness herself. In high school she was actually part of the weight lifting team. I grew up in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pennsylvania and we had no such thing! I'm fuckin jealous in a bad way! But she recently got a Credit Card and got me one and was kind enough to let me charge my shit from BodyBuilding.com onto her card, which is half mine now pretty much. Don't get it twisted though, I'm paying her back every penny every month. It helps build her credit too so it actually helps her and she got a high limit so she can buy whatever else she wants. Am I defending myself? lol.. Naa, I just don't believe in living off other people. I guess no one in BodyBuilding would have that state of mind if they are seriously a real lifter.

My goal is to one day compete. I don't make alot of money so sometimes it's hard for me to buy the food and products I want but I try and do "ghetto methods" if you will. For instance if I need a good Casein shake and am out of Gold Standard, I will mix some Soy Butter, Skim Milk and Cottage Cheese and pound all that good stuff down. Does the trick minus a few BCAA's and all that. Now I try not to do this though because I'm one of them guys who cant sleep if I eat before bed If I have sugars in a food because if I eat them I'll be on a one way train to heartburn city. And let me tell you, it burns in my chest like a cows ass after getting branded.

A few things I may left out. I grew up in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton , PA(Where Cable was invented!) untill I was 19 then moved to Orlando, FL. I love it here and will probally be buried here. I work at Walt Disney World (haha), EPCOT to be percise. I'm 21 years old and have a Colombian girlfriend(who moved here when she was 12) who I have no doubt one day will marry. To be honest if I had a good job, I'd probally go out and buy a phat rock right now. So if you read all of this, thanks, and feel free to ask/tell me anything you like. I'm always open to constructive criticism and take it all in in a positive light, though I still do what I think is right and won't listen to just anybody's random bullshit(and I hope you wont either)

Thanks guys and keep pumpin!

- Nick

10-10-08, 5:23 pm
So it's later in the day and guess what... I GOT IN A FUCKIN CAR CRASH! I rear-ended a guy going about 40mph. Both my airbags blew, my front is folded up and my windshield is spider webbed. So much for the gym today. I thought this would be a good exuse to not work out. I was going to but thought I might hurt something because you won't know how your going to feel untill the next day. Oh well... I'll just do what I gotta do and get on with my life.

10-11-08, 6:47 pm
Today was the first day taking the M-Stak/Pump together at the gym. I must say I had one of my best Bi/Back/Forearm training days of my life. I was so focused and had so much more power than I normally have. I need to take a log and write everything I do in it from now on. I don't have much else to write except for the fact I'm tired as hell. I'm sure I will gain a few more lbs. of muscle with more workouts like these. Take care brosephs.

11-20-09, 1:44 am
Man, oh man. It's been a while since I manned the ropes on my journey. I promised myself I wouldn't post anything until I got back into the gym full-time. I ended up messing up a tendon pretty back in my upper back and it took almost a year to heal. Looking back at all these posts, it gives me a good laugh. I think anyone can laugh at themselves when they look back.

I have been in College for almost a year now. I'm going to a Community College which will transfer me to UCF in about 1 more year. Let me tell you, I got small. I was down to 200 lbs at one point. I was around 230 at one point when I was hittin the weights hard. Now, I know that I am back on the grind 250%. NOW, I can say that I have begun my journey once again.

I have been lifting again for about a month. I started off at 208. About a week and a half to two weeks ago, I started a M-Stak/Pump stack. Add in the Omega and Pak if you want to include all my Animal products. I'm up to around 215 right now, but I have a feeling I have gained an extra pound or two more. I am 22 and have been lifting seriously off and on since I was young. I know my shit now, and it really shows. This is why I always say: "Getting huge is 10% weight lifting, 90% nutrition." I think we all remember those stupid mistakes we did when we first started to lift. One of the first times I got big, it wasn't lean muscle. This was because I was gorging my face with anything I could find, and not properly planning out my meals. I thought that no matter what I ate, it would get me big. To a certain extent, I guess this could work. Either way, now I am looking at some decent gains in a month after being back in the gym. I can't complain with 7 or 8 pounds of muscle mass in 1 month.

Animal Pump really gets me fired up for the gym, and I love it. I thought the M-Stak/Pump combo would be the perfect thing to give me a boost. I waited 2 weeks though. When you first get back in the gym after being gone a while, you feel stiff as a board the next day no matter what. Luckily, though I wasn't lifting for almost a year, I ate very healthy and actually even went on a diet to trim some unwanted body fat off. Maybe it was a blessing is disguise, because I was more lean that I was in High School, I think.

I noticed something recently. I am taking a class on the ancient Greek & Roman Humanities. My family is from Southern Italy, Naples to be exact. Now something clicked here, and I would love to hear anyone's opinion on this. Call me crazy, I don't really care, it's what I believe. Southern Italy was once ancient Greece, and lots of historians believe that if your family is from southern Italy, it is most likely that you have some Greek in you too. You know how genes pass down, like dark hair, tan skin, etc.? Well, I believe that thought processes do also. My Mom was a neat freak, and always had to keep everything organized, kinda like Monica on friends. Now, I didn't grow up with her, she passed away when I was young, but I do the exact same thing. I also do lots of things my family does, and have the same characteristics. Now, the point being, I learned of this philosophy the ancient Greeks believed in called Arete. It was the fine balance between having a strong mind and a strong body. Look at it this way, most nerdy kids that are smart have scrawny or bad bodies and are generally not healthy. On the other hand, a lot of guys with great bodies are either stupid "meat heads" or just cocky, ignorant, and lack a strong education (besides there nutrition game.) Now this is just going by what I have seen around a lot of times. Don't get me wrong, I know some smart Body Builders. Now, the ancient Greeks believed that you should seek perfection by having a great body, but also being very knowledgeable. They understood that you would be at your very best if you were in great shape and had a great brain.

I was so moved by this theory, and then it clicked. Maybe it was passed down through these said thought processes. Maybe not. Either way, I know I am a dedicated guy to become physically fit, and recently have been inspired to learn all I can. I have been studying a lot of books on American History and Economics such as Investments and Business. If you are interested in history, currently I am reading a book on Thomas Jefferson. Anyways, think about this. How many guys of Italian decent do you know that like to lift? I believe a majority of Italian guys I knew back home (in upstate Pennsylvania) liked to stay in shape. Italian guys are also always concerned about the way they look. Coincidence? Maybe. But either way, it gives you something to think about.

That's all I really have to talk about for now. This was more of my: "I'm back on the grind" post. I wanted to make sure I was fully committed to my body again before I began to post saying I'm back, only to slack again 2 days later. I think we have all had those times. The hardest thing to do is get the fire lit in regards to lifting. So fellas, it is GREAT to be back, and I would love to hear some thoughts on that theory I thought up. It's just something cool in my mind to think about. There is an Orlando ABC event coming up soon if anyone is interested. Ciao.

11-20-09, 5:39 am
Stick with it. Looks like you're motivated and headed on the right path...

11-20-09, 8:11 pm
gotta stay motivated man, through thick and thin i always get that craving to hit the weights...im off to the gym right now, keep it real...

eat big and train hard -Dubb

11-20-09, 10:38 pm
"nothing to it but to do it" - Ronnie Coleman

11-22-09, 2:24 am
I often get myself pumped with some good music before I go to the gym, waiting for my stuff to kick in. I play this video just about every time to get me all fired up.