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10-12-08, 3:02 pm
so there were four titles with knee pain, but i was hopin for a little more. i to have some knee pain in my left knee. sometimes i cant even do a body squat with out pain shootin up my knee and then a few minutes later i can rep 225 and not feel a thing. leg press, and running dont bother it, or hack squats. but i do feel it everytime im doing lying leg curls. ill feel it on the out side of my left knee. im broke and dont really have the funds to see a doc right not, so wondering if anyone out there has gone thru anything similar. thanks

Big Wides
10-12-08, 3:33 pm
If yuo can't see a doctor...go to a clinic and see what they say. Other than that all I can say is don't train legs at all, your only going to hurt yourself in the long run if you dont lay off it

10-12-08, 6:09 pm
I have the sam problem with back back bro. Word of advice get it look'd at. It could be something simple or it could be serious. Remember bro training with an ego gets u hurt. I learned the hard way when I first started out. I am not saying you are. I am just offering my opinion. You dont want to continue to work on ur legs and put ur self out of the trenches longer then u would have been if u just took it easy and got it looked at.

10-12-08, 6:22 pm
knee wrap, joint supps and ask tiny, he has an ask the pros thread, he has a good joint product recomendation

or come up to canada and get treated for free!

10-20-08, 10:51 am
1. stop running, do the elliptical or bike and see if it helps. 2.Try stretching your quads and hamstring out really well for a few weeks. 3.Let your legs rest for a week and see if that helps.

10-20-08, 1:22 pm
outside of the knee? maybe the LCL. Warm up your knee really good... i have tendonitis above and below my patella... last friday i did about 7 sets of leg extentions and 7 sets of leg press to warm up my knee before doing squats. Don't need to go heavy, just get the knee ready. If you got a heat pad, use that to warm up your knee and get the blood in there. Definatly stretch your quads, hamstrings, IT bands (run along the side of your leg from the hip to knee), calves.