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10-12-08, 4:41 pm
the place i am currently training at has a few guys who are getting looks from the CFL and AFL, the head trainer is trying to writing up a few diet plans for some of the guys, and i am just interested it what some people on here have to say....

one defensive tackle is 6'3...310lbs with 18.86% bodyfat....needs to be 300lbs sub 15% by mid-jan
one corner back: 5'8....175lbs with 12.08% bodyfat....needs to be sub 10 ASAP
one tightend/defensive end is 6'4 265lbs with 15.00% bodyfat....needs to be sub 12 by mid-jan

the trainers are trying to write up certain diet plans for each guy, i suggested carb cycling being the best, b.c the guys would be lifting 4x a week while doing speed and agilites 3x and 2x long distance running as well....one trainer actually recommended keto, i was guessing that keto would not work, b.c of all the gyclogen needed in the speed and agilites as well as lifting and the long distance running.....so if you guys were sitting there trying to get these guys ready for a tryout, how would you do it?

10-14-08, 10:50 pm
As being a former football player i would suggest raising the carbs because don't forget they are going to be doing so much more than what they are used to. I noticed when i ate chicken fry twice a day with a good amount of brown rice. My body fat was dropping and i was getting faster and stronger. Keto would be worse do to the fact there would be no carbs at all. They all need so carbs to survive the workouts

10-15-08, 7:11 am
Keto would definetly be suicide.. cut the junk off and cycle carbs, should be fine.

10-15-08, 7:16 am
Word up. Eat carbs, prioritize brown rice.

10-15-08, 9:18 am
dont cut carbs at all, add quality carbs.

Cut out shit like pizza and snack food and focus on pasta, potatos, rice, and meat. The way a football player should be eating.

Athletes should not cycle carbs nor should they even consider keto, just clean up what they eat and train hard and the body fat will go down

10-15-08, 9:24 am
why carb cycle or do keto at all? I'm sure they are beating up thier bodies quite a bit and need the nutrients to recover. I'm no trainer but I'd think a clean calculated consistent diet would yeild the desierable results with the least negative effect on training/performance.

10-15-08, 9:48 am
I just cant see why a DT would need to be under 18%!????!!!

10-15-08, 9:53 am
thanks for the input guys, ill be hitting the place up later today for my workout and finally see what they came up with

10-15-08, 9:53 am
I just cant see why a DT would need to be under 18%!????!!!

he actaully has a better chance of making the team as a d.e then as a tackle

10-15-08, 9:41 pm
Well Defensive end is seriously the best position in football. I seriously LOVED<333333333333 playing Defensive end. Dropping to a pretty lean BF% will be advantageous in end of you're the right height. Hows your agility though bro? Thats probably the most important stat of ANY defensive end.

10-16-08, 10:39 am
its not me bro lol, wish i was playin d-end its one of three guys who were sent to the place i w.o at for their tryouts