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10-13-08, 5:25 am
Morning all,
I have been working on a new workout for myself to add size & strength and am pretty happy with the following - Let me know your thoughts:
(All exercises are started with a light warm up set in addition to the 4 main sets - the 4 main sets are kept at the same heavy/just managable weight)

Mondays - Legs / Shoulders / Traps / Delts:

Bike for 10 Mins
Leg Press & Calf Press Combo - 4sets x 8Reps
Leg Extensions - 4sets x 8Reps
Rower for 5 Mins
Shoulder Press machine - 4sets x 8Reps
Military Press - 4sets x 8Reps
DB Shrugs supersetted - 4sets x 8Reps
DB Flies - 4sets x 8Reps
Rear Delts (Flies) - 4sets x 8Reps
Cable Lat Raises - 4sets x 8Reps

Tuesday - Chest & Biceps

Treadmill for 10 Mins
BB Bench Press - 4sets x 8Reps
Cable Flies or PecDeck - 4sets x 8Reps
Incline DB Press - 4sets x 8Reps
Pressups off SB - 4sets x 8Reps
Rower for 2000 metres
Cable Bicep Curls - 4sets x 8Reps
Preacher Curls - 4sets x 8Reps
Hammer rope or EZ Bar Curls - 4sets x 8Reps

Thursday - Back & Triceps

Bike for 10 Mins
Lat Pull Downs - 4sets x 8Reps
Reverse Shoulder Press - 4sets x 8Reps
Seated Row - low & high grip - 3sets x 3 sets of 8Reps each
Cable Seated Row - 4sets x 8Reps
Tricep Pushdown - 4sets x 8Reps
Tri Extensions supersetted - 4sets x 8Reps
with DIPS - 4sets x 8Reps
Rope Pushdowns & Pushouts - 3sets x 3 sets of 8 Reps each

Saturday - Chest & Biceps & Abs

Same as Tuesday work out with
Various Ab work including:
Weighted Crunches
Hanging Leg Raises
Twists etc.

I have now done a full week of this workout and its working well.
I am currently on a supplement stack of:

Universal Stak & Universal Animal Pump along with BSN Synthia 6 protein. (soz i know not supposed to mention other brands but just wanted to give a full picture)

V Man
10-13-08, 7:12 am
hey Willow

Where abouts in the UK?

OK - If you want to do a 4 day split and your trying to add mass/size/strength? How about....

Mon - Legs

Include squats, Stiff legged deads, Presses, Lunges, Extensions - Looking at around 24 - 30 sets in total

Tues - Chest and Tris

10 - 12 sets chest and 6-8 sets tris

Thurs - Back and Bis

12 - 16 sets back - DLs, db rows, cable rows, over hand grip pull ups (weighted if you can)
6-8 sets bis

Sat - Shoulders, traps and abs

Include military press (seated if yr a beginner, on smith machine) and side and front db raises

This way your hitting all yr major muscle groups once per week and yr not neglecting leg training - which is v important for overall growth

No need to hit bis and chest twice - I take it these are yr lagging parts? or do you just want to train the "show muscles" the most? - dont fall into that trap!

10-13-08, 7:48 am
Thanks for the reply - and I like the look of your suggestions - in answer to a few of your points:

1) I know that i do neglect the legs a bit - I have always had short solid legs - used to play alot of rugby - so now i tend to go heavy and brief with them - but I will definitely try to work on a few of your suggestions

2) The Chest & Bi's on the saturday are a strange one - By no means are they my worst parts - infact i would rate them up as my best... the reason for training them again is mainly because they are the ones that i enjoy the most and secondly I train on a saturday after an early shift at work and it gives me something to really blast the strength ... point taken though about over working them twice a week.

3) Im from Leeds - Train at a sports centre (East Leeds) - its small basic and what i refer to as a 'shit kicker' gym .... the lads in there are not there for show - they go to keep fit and shift the weights.


10-13-08, 11:08 am
if your just starting out then yeh thats probably a good workout but i would still dich the rower half way through your workout you dont need to do it and it wont help you build muscle.but your moves are prety good.
If you really want size and strenght i would concentrate and the basic moves bench, deadlift,and squatt,and make a routine set around those moves.
Take a look at some of the routines on the training pages on the home page
these will help.

10-13-08, 2:56 pm
see for your self

10-13-08, 3:10 pm
see for your self

wrong thread try hardcore workout

04-26-12, 4:06 pm
Looking good, bro. How's the workout treating you?

04-27-12, 3:09 am
one question: where are the squats and deadlifts?

04-27-12, 3:10 am
one question: where are the squats and deadlifts?

forgot to add barbell rows and possibly close grip bench as well