View Full Version : Hardcore "Old-School" gyms in San Gabriel Valley/OC?

10-14-08, 2:50 am
Hey everyone. I'm new to these forums and I just wanted know if anyone from California, around the San Gabriel Valley/OC, knows where I can find an old school gym.

Im talking rusty weights, 90 degrees+, smell of sweat kind of gyms.
Some no bull, straight to business type of place.

If anyone with any info, it would be much appreciated if they can point me the right way.


Big Wides
10-14-08, 8:59 am
go to powerliftingwatch.com and they have a tab on the side where you can search what state you live in for gyms that are BB and PL friendly

10-14-08, 3:09 pm
thanks a lot Wides.

appreciate it.

10-15-08, 8:56 am
there is not one good pl gym anywhere i live in england but there is a 10 time world pl champion who workouts in a gym near me :D