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10-14-08, 3:30 pm
So Im in the gym today for back day and this guy is in there running his mouth saying that once a bodybuilder gets to the junior and pro levels of bodybuilding the judges are "extremely lenient" on their testing polocies and then he goes on to say most of the bodybuilders roid or prohormone all the way up to their show and then cut them say 4 or 5 weeks out. i just minded my own business but it really annoyed me. this isnt true isnt it i dont believe it but i am just verifying this so if he continues i can put him in his place. thanks brothers

10-14-08, 3:31 pm
This is an area most don't like to talk about. Good luck getting anyone to verify either way.

10-14-08, 3:34 pm
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10-14-08, 3:36 pm
so this is going to the bullshit then... my bad i just want something to reassure me this is a lie i meant nothing by it

10-14-08, 3:44 pm
Who knows what individuals do. There are also tested and non-tested shows. Let others worry about their views and ethics, and you do what you personally see fit. None of us can tell you what everyone in a contest did or didn't do.

10-14-08, 3:44 pm
Here's some previous discussion for ya man:


There's a lot out there on the net about this.

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