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10-15-08, 8:50 am
I know this can't just be a feeling I get: Where I live there are very few people who work out. Michigan; land of the fat! I pound the weights almost daily and do try to eat well and have gained decent size from it.
However, it seems like since I do what I do people seem to feel the need to comment on my workouts in not shining ways. Also, I apparently am on steroids (no I'm not...not that threre's anything wrong with that!).
I know it's how it is, but in a way it sucks that so many of us can only come into contact with fellow lifters online.
I'm I alone here?


10-15-08, 9:21 am
to be blunt, stop caring what others think about you... and you'll be free to do anything.

No one has the right to judge you because no one's hands are clean.

10-15-08, 9:51 am
Synthesize the negative comments into positive ones bro! With the properly fucked up mind set anything can help you get the extra rep or set in the gym. I know if someone could read my mind while I'm lifting they'd probably have me locked away.

10-15-08, 12:27 pm
where u live at in michigan bro?

10-15-08, 4:02 pm
People that can, do! People that can't, criticize!

Press on with pride brother. Next time they bring up the gear, just tell em, "I'm not on steroids, but thanks for asking."

10-15-08, 4:20 pm
Where in Michigan you live man? People assuming you're on steroids isnt a bad thing... It just means 1. They're ignorant and think if you're big you're on roids.. 2. You're doing your job and making progress... take it as a compliment next time someone says something like that.

10-15-08, 5:59 pm
If people feel the need to comment man it just means you're doing something right; fuck 'em, I'm lucky I'm at school with my training partner, but everytime someone tries to bitch at me about steroids I just tell them to get fucked and it's eventually stopped.

10-15-08, 11:45 pm
It just means you're not big enough yet. Get a little bigger, and they'll fear you!! They dont want you to reach that point, so they put you down to discourage you. Haha, I dont know if thats true, but get big enough and they'll be afraid to say so.

Also, there's a quote I remember "People fear what they do not understand." They couldnt possibly understand, so they attack it.

Bottom line, screw everyone else, fuck what they think. Use it like throwing gasoline on a fire.

10-16-08, 12:17 am
I think its safe to say that this shit happens to all of us here at some point in time. Its something you have to deal with. Just stick with the right people and let bitches talk bro. Your mind is set on what you want. Don't let any obstacles get in your way.