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10-15-08, 12:53 pm
ive noticed my left chest is bigger then my right.. i think it has to do with my bone structure it seems like my right shoulder gets used more in benching then the chest, compared to my left side. first off, should i not worry about it and keep benching to just get bigger numberS? or..
whats the best way to make my right chest bigger? should i try to focus on using my right chest more during the exercise? or do an exercise for just the right chest?

10-15-08, 12:58 pm
if your left tricep is bigger than your right tricep then theres a good chance that while benching your elbows are not allign and maybe your left tricep is being used more on your left side than your right resulting in your left side of your chest not recieving as much stress as your right side resulting in a size difference my opinion is to make sure your elbows stay under the bar while benching and not having one under the bar and another along your side

10-15-08, 1:00 pm
That comes from a weakness or strength actually... in some area like triceps/shoulder/traps or even lats. You just need to slow down the speed of certain loads so you are even throughout the whole range and it will fix it's self. Most of us have experienced this at some point or even still.

10-15-08, 3:52 pm
my triceps are even.
Hmm. My whole left torso is slightly more forward then the right, so I thought this uneveness might be it.
And I figured this is why when I put my hands straight forward in the mirror like I'm benching one arm is lower then the other.

10-15-08, 4:00 pm
Okay, I am biased. I will say that up front. Regardless:

Get checked by a chiropractor!

Point out what you notice regarding the pec asymmetry and have them evaluate you. Your pec may not be getting the nerve supply it needs, or your underlying structure may be asymmetrical.

Yes, it could be sloppy form that has led to this, but more likely it is representative of an overall distortion pattern.