View Full Version : Mariusz Pudzianowski on Dancing With The Stars

10-16-08, 11:22 am

It's not in English but it's still funny. Who says big guys don't have rythm? lol

10-16-08, 11:32 am
lol he tore it up!

10-16-08, 12:13 pm
Um....now I think I've seen everything.

Brick By Brick
10-16-08, 12:16 pm
I've seen him jump rope, too. He's amazing!

Vinny G
10-16-08, 12:19 pm
gotta get me one of those shirts

10-16-08, 12:24 pm
gotta get me one of those shirts

Ohhh hell no.. I think we gotta get Vinny on Dancing with the Stars!

Come on Vinny.. Animal and Bodybuilding in general NEEDS YOU!

10-16-08, 1:15 pm
Way too cool for words. That lucky son of a... with that girl too...very nice...

Big Wides
10-16-08, 2:36 pm
So theres hope that I could dance well one day? I seriously doubt it but damn the big man can move

10-16-08, 2:40 pm
He floats and (in that shirt) looks like a butterfly. Nice moves.