View Full Version : Wrist rollups

10-18-08, 10:52 am
Saw a couple of the biggest guys doing these old school rollups the other night using a 'light' 10# plate. Decided to improvise the same thing at home with a piece of wood clothes bar and a piece of cement block (weighs 6#s).

Talk about a burn and a feeling you've actually done something with your arms outstretched! The first roll up was ok; the immediate second roll up and you're praying to get to the top or end of the rope! Even if your forearms have no meat; like mine, you'll feel you've done something and see more than a few veins. If you have a high outside deck you can really lengthen the distance and pain.

Not sure if these should be limited to arms day only or are something that can be done a few times daily or every other day for a while but the feeling of actually targeting a muscle is almost instantaneous.

10-18-08, 11:09 am
I`m sure Wrath trained his forearms everyday when younger.

10-18-08, 11:17 am
i do barbell wrist curls on arm day...thats only one time a week though...i should start doing them atleast 2 times a week..cause think about it..when you wear a t shirt your forearms are always showing.

Brick By Brick
10-18-08, 1:32 pm
I try to do wrist rollers at least once a week.

10-18-08, 4:36 pm
forearms are a nice small muscle, so they heal pretty quick...so i really tear it down twice a week (arm day and back day) and then most other days, maybe just a quick set or two, or three of wrist roll ups. as long as i don't stay too sore or feel like i'm over training. just listen to your body