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10-18-08, 5:05 pm
Hey guys :

I have this problem of constipation from some time ,more than a year , i know constipation is very common , but the thing is that i get constipated REAL EASY , if i dont eat fiber with each meal i will have some dryness in my stools , not constipated but dry stool , which makes me TIRED AS HELL , i feel VERY FATIGUED when that happens and my belly gets bloated .

when i eat fiber its all gone and i get back my energy which is through the roof at this moment.

Should i be seeing a doctor ??? the problem is that i get constipated easily.

thanks for help guys

10-19-08, 3:00 pm
Should i be seeing a doctor ???


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10-19-08, 3:45 pm
when i eat fiber its all gone

I don't mean to be a dick but you should be eating fiber everyday, with most of your meals...

that been said I agree with the others, check with your doc

10-20-08, 8:08 am
Drs first to be sure all is ok and add fibre with each meal, I`m on keto and don`t suffer like that.

Physillium husks twice a day am and again pm will help a great deal, drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least a gallon.

10-20-08, 11:27 am
See the doc first off.

I've found fruits and vegetables help me more with constipation than starchy foods high in fibre such as oatmeal and rice do. Get a good mix of both during the day, and as stated above, lots of water.

10-20-08, 11:41 am
hey thanks guys , i will see the doctor first , and i will continu to eat fiber its making me healthy and keeps me energetic anyways .

10-20-08, 12:08 pm
you can try those fiber one chewey things they are like gummy bears...you will be on the crapper in no time bro