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10-19-08, 9:19 pm
So i talked with this dude yesterday, and he said that eventough im not competing (maybe yet) i can still cut every other year to harden the muscles which also makes you stronger and to give you an overal good condition.

If we forget bodybuilding for a sec, this is pretty good right? Or is this advice doomed to fail.

10-19-08, 9:26 pm
It depends on how much fat you have, if you're riding 10-18% you're still good. If you're getting pretty chunky, its time to go on a healthy cut. G Diesel talks about it in one of his new Powerbuilding articles. He calls it refining.

Here's the article:


10-20-08, 10:36 am
I cut every summer for these reasons. Besides it being hot and I don't want to carry all that extra bodyfat that makes me sweat, you will gain more lean mass. After you come off your cut, I believe your body will utilize nutrients better.

It's sort of like taking 3 steps forward and one step back.

10-20-08, 10:39 am
I agree, I try to kep my bf between 10-15% during most of the year but once a year I'll take 2-3 months and cut for health and to practice cutting and see how my body reacts because Id like to compete someday. I think when your bf gets around 20% or higher you are less efficient and more taxing on your body.