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10-19-08, 11:33 pm
This last weekend I got my second show under my belt. After finishing 12th out of 13th in the NPC Natural Ohio this past April, I decided to take on two more shows. the first would be a smaller one, the INBF Cardinal Classic, and the NPC Monster Mash. I just got the Cardinal Classic out of the way and took the Middleweight title and feel I did decent in the overall but lost the Pro card to the Light Heavy who was just in great condition. It just makes me want to come back better and harder the next time around. The Monster mash is this weekend coming up so I am hoping to have a good showing there as well. Anyways, here are a few pics, mostly from the overall since my sister didnt get alot of good pics that turned out cause of the lighting. I am the one in teal. Thanks to everyone that supported me and helped me get through this prep. One more week to go.


10-20-08, 1:17 am
Looking great bro!

Good luck with the Monster Mash!

10-20-08, 7:33 am
Looking great bro!

Good luck with the Monster Mash!

Thanks I am going to try to bring an even better package this week with a lot of conditioning.

Barbenders Babe
10-20-08, 1:57 pm
roo. . . hope you could hear barbender and i cheering you on! my pics turned out a little dark also but i'll have paul get them to you soon. great show! you def owned that stage! good luck this weekend!

10-20-08, 2:15 pm
Looking diced bro! Congrats! Can't wait to see how you do this weekend.

10-20-08, 2:38 pm
looked good bro.
one down, one to go, right?

10-20-08, 2:42 pm
Looked great Roo! Good luck with the Monster Mash...

Mr. Aestheticz
10-20-08, 2:50 pm
You def look harder and dryer compared to your previous show!

Great work and good luck on the Monster Mash!


10-20-08, 3:33 pm
Thanks guys. I am going to try to come in even harder the the Monster Mash.

10-20-08, 10:25 pm
Can't wait to see.... See great changes since Lakewood... You are a constantly improving and should be proud of how far you've come...

Congrats again and good luck this weekend!!!