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10-20-08, 2:29 pm
Here we go again...

I'm in Law Enforcement and on October 28th 2007 I broke my right thumb into 3 pieces from the last joint down, it had me laid up and out of the gym for 2 months. You can see that thread here: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?t=12012
Unfortunately I was depressed/pissed about it, didn't listen to anyones advice and ate like shit...all of my gains from that year went out the window...

Fast forward to October 18th 2008, once again I've suffered a work related injury, this past Friday night I fractured the 5th Metacarpal in my right hand which is the thin bone between the knuckle and wrist on the right side of my hand. I'll have a cast of my right hand for probably 2 months again.

This time I DO NOT want to do what I did last time and sit on my ass and watch all my hard work and gains dwindle away. Since getting back in it late January after not doing anything for 2 1/2 months last time, I've put on a solid 15lbs. and feel/look great. I got back in there with a new routine and motivation...I've been dedicated since, and I am NOT going to watch it all go away again. I'm up to 178lbs. and was about to start a bulk cycle come November 1st. That may obviously not be possible now, but I want to at least maintain what I have now and hopefully keep working out, even if I have to go light, etc.

What should I do???
Do you think I could keep at my routine, but just go lighter and modify it a tad...maybe incorporate cables or something???
What should/shouldn't I utilize in the bulk stack which I was about to start???
Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated, help me push through this!!!

Here is my routine since January...
It's a 2 day alternating routine focusing on the basics, performed 3 days a week...I loved the routine and it's worked great for me, but ofcourse we're never 110% happy haha
Workout A: Squat, Incline Dumbell Press, Lateral Pulldown, Clean Press, Plank, Hanging Leg Raisers
Workout B: Deadlift, Close Grip Bench Press, Bent-over Barbell Row, Clean Press, Plank, Flat Bench Leg Raisers
(I actually do the Clean Press from the standing position and w/o the deadlift portion)
I also change it up here and there...from incline dumb bell to flat bench, etc etc

Here is my current stack (until Nov 1st when I was going to start the M-Stak & a bulk):
Pak w/ breakfast (or before sleep)
Nitro 30min PreWO,
Pump 15min PreWO
Nitro & Torrent immediately PostWO
I also take Fish Oil caps randomly throughout the day with meals and ON Whey throughout the day, etc.

I've just ordered some new Animal products to give my winter bulk a nice kick start, my new stack will be (was going to be) as follows:
There will also be Real Gains and ON Whey shakes mixed in throughout the day, etc.

Again, I'd like to hopefully maintain what I've put on and maybe even push further. Am I being a nut thinking I can still workout and such?
Any way that you can help and or advice with the above is appreciated...

10-20-08, 4:33 pm
I know how you feel dude. Two years ago I got an epigastric hernia, (a hernia about 4 inches above my belly button) got it repaired, sat on the couch for 6 weeks and ate PBJ sandwiches and other random SHIT, then went back to the gym 17 pounds fatter. I got back in the groove, then BAM one year later the bastard popped out again! Got it repaired, told myself I wasn't going to sit around and get fat this time. But guess what? I sat on the couch and ate like a freakin retard. This time I went back to the gym earlier than I was supposed to and done girl stuff, like walk on the treadmill, ride the bike, ect. and that helped keep me in sort of shape but my motivation went down the shitter. So to answer your question, this is your hand we're talking about here. Let it heal alittle before you go bangin' on even moderate weights. I don't think light weight stuff would hurt you though. Try to stay motivated, don't waste your supplements right now, Nitro and maybe Flex would be some to try now. I don't know alot about Flex but I do know that amino acids help everything so stay on those and your Pak. But keep your head up you'll be healed before you know it. Peace.

10-20-08, 9:28 pm
i say let your hand heal the right way. you don't want to aggravate it and then be out for even longer. I say hit the legs twice as hard and build a sick foundation. Keep your bulking diet and if you see your getting a little too "bloated" hit the treadmill a little.

10-20-08, 9:53 pm
yea man i know you want to get back in the game, but just hit your legs hard. Think about it like this, you could hurt your hand even more and be out even longer. Just try to rehab your finger and let it heal. Just think how sick your legs will look after you are done with them.

10-21-08, 11:56 am
man sorry to hear bro. the only important thing i would think of is to keep your diet in check and work on parts you really dont need your hands for, like legs. like said above if u feel a lil bloated or fat just hit cardio that much more.