View Full Version : Never know what life throw at you.

10-22-08, 3:01 pm
Recently I been lost about 5lb body weight, it all because of my diet. not because I dont eat enought, its because I dont have enought moneys to buy foods.

2 week ago, on the way home, I saw a coolant light on, and back of my car blow so much smoke !!, I pull over, shut the engine off, car making weir noise, so I call my friend over, he check my car and say " dude your head gasket blew " I call around and asking for estimate, it cost $1400 to fix the head gasket, my rent is about due, phone bill, credit card, insurance, I been stress out, but I still try to save moneys and eat right ( but less ). Now im try to buy bulk food for less moneys, any suggest ? I will get thru this hard time and get back on my track. Im on bulk up routin now. next sunday im on deer hunting, hope I shot a big deers so it can save moneys on my foods. Thanks you.

If this is off topic, im sorry to all the mod, Im not try to break any rules here. Thanks you

10-22-08, 3:09 pm
Best wishes, that is rough. Head gaskets go without much warning, so like most things in life; we have to live like what we earn and try our best to maintain what we have. Somethimes still, things act like they are out to get us..

10-22-08, 7:09 pm
I hear ya brother. Life is just like that, it pretty much kicks you more when your down. But think of it this way "life is like a wheel, sometimes your up, and sometimes your down, but you're never there for too long". So chin up bro, things are gonna get better sooner or later.

To save money I usually wait for sales, or buy in bulk (much much cheaper). Goodluck on the deer hunting. Hope you shoot a big one.

10-22-08, 9:31 pm
Thanks yall, any ideal on what food to buy for cheap ? like buy all the chicken, or buy all red meat..........

10-23-08, 12:46 am
To throw on some serious mass for fairly cheap I'd bulk up on a lot of ground beef, the cheap kind. Buy tons of white rice from an asian store and get cookin'. Best of luck man, I know how it is.

10-23-08, 1:36 am
that sux. 1400 for a head gasket is ridiculous

10-23-08, 5:13 am
And i thought $700 for an overdue phone bill was bad ( mind you it was built up over time because the lady at the desk keyd in my address wrong and the bill was being mailed to the wrong adress..) Boom 3 months later after asking where my bill was a debt collector finds my correct address and slaps me with this amount to be paid in less then 7 days.. There goes last weeks pay =( but like I've learnt theres so many others worse off then me, just like u v8ftmfw.. Then u wake up and your like.. fuck it.. and then I forget about it all as soon as I walk into that gym and my mind goes a blissful blank.. Add another plate to the bar =)