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10-23-08, 2:30 pm
Alright so I'm startin up my second journey. My stats as of right now:

252 lbs
20 yrs. old
not sure on bf %, but i'm not overweight watsoever

PR- Bench- 315X6
Deadlift- 350X5
Squats- 315X10
Incline Press- 315X3

Alright fellas and ladies, I just got done doing a 3 month mass gaining phase and i'm gonna start cuttin down on the body fat. I'm gonna begin my diet with a 1:1:1 ratio and go from there. Over my mass gaining phase I put on about 20-24 lbs of weight. Lots of it was good weight and all my lifts sky rocketed. I'm gonna need some feedback to keep me motivated so feel free to critique, construction criticism is always welcome! Well i'm off to push some heavy weights around, shoulders today so i'll be workin on them cannon balls. Lata

10-23-08, 4:29 pm
just got done doin shoulders. it was a tough one. workout went as follows:

Behind the neck press
Lateral raises supersetted with one arm shrugs
dumbbell military press supersetted with rear delt machine
upright rows supersetted with barbell shrugs
20 minutes of cardio

Workout went good, had a good pump goin and weights just keep goin up. its a good place to be

10-28-08, 4:53 pm
yesterday i had chest and triceps...the day was pretty shitty being i caught my girlfriend cheating on me this past weekend...we had been dating for 2 years and we were at the strongest point in our relationship and she got too drunk one night.....i'm fuckin lost and have no idea what to do??? my body was definitly in the weightroom but my mind wasnt. i dunno wat to do and my mind is all cloudy ever since i found out about her cheating.... any help fellas????? anyways for wat its worth here was yesterdays workout:

Incline barbell press
tricep single arm extensions
flat dumbbell press
skull crushers
seated tricep extensions super setted with narrow bench press
incline flies
cable flies

Here is todays workout :
Back and Biceps

3 sets of chinups till failure
lat pulldowns super setted with lat extensions?
dumbbell row super setted with lying curls
one arm isolateral pulldowns
alternating dumbbell curls
last set i did a super set of seated row with deadlifts....fuckin made me almost throw up
cable curls

I dont know whats up with me....ever since i found out about my girlfriend, i've dropped ten pounds in body weight, cant get any sleep, never hungry, lost, confused, wondering wat i did wrong, cant focus in school...the only place that i forgot about the whole ordeal was while i was lifting today.....life just sucks....period

10-28-08, 5:01 pm
hey man.. feel better, just try to keep busy and you wont think about it so much..

you should put in the weight / sets you do so you can have a log of your progress.

just get ur mind right. try lifting with some loud music, it helps me keep myself focused.

10-30-08, 4:04 pm
Alright so today was shoulders and traps day...went pretty well..i got this kid at my college that wants to start liftin more so i'm kinda mentorin him ...today i decided i was gonna completely switch shit up so i did a bunch of new lifts and super sets and drop sets. here it is:

-Behind the neck military press with bands 135/10, 155/10, 185/8
-Leaning lateral raise supersetted with lying down reverse flies
-Shrugs 135/25, 225/15, 275/10, 315/10, 225/15
-Military dumbbell press down the rack! this was a bastard!! started at 85's and dropped 15lbs every time
-wide grip upright row on smith 135/12 4 sets
-rear delt machine ??cant remember the weights

Overall the workout went well....i did 10 minutes of cardio after it to deplete my glycogen levels and just to have a nice cool down...did alot of jump roping in between sets while lifting (takes me back to the wrestleing days!! Other than that everything is goin ok i guess just tryin to keep my mind off the whole situation bout my girlfriend cheating on me....its hard but i'm gettin by i think....hell life aint that bad

11-03-08, 6:38 pm
Alrighty boys!! monday brings a new week and thank god for that..i decided to switch up my workout and i'm now gonna start posting all my weights sets reps...so i defintily need some feedback from ya'll!!! Todays workout went:

Monday- Chest and Front/Middle Delts

Bench- 135warmup- 185/12- 205/12- 225/12- 250/12
Incline Dumbbell press (weights are single dumbbells) 75/10-80/12-85/12-90/12
Military press dumbbell-45warmup-60/12-65/12-70/11
-superset with lateral raises-25/failure-30/failure
Incline dumbbell flyes---warmup 25's--45/failure---55/failure
Leaning lateral raises---22.5/15---27.5/15
Cable Flyes---20/12/10/8
Arnold Press---55/10---60/10---65/10

Overall good workout, but i had a few interuptions....school blows and organic chemistry II is kicken my ass....get me out of college!!!!

11-03-08, 9:32 pm
also got in a good mile and a half of running....ps-i hate running!

11-03-08, 10:02 pm
I'm gonna start including "most " of my meal plan also that way i can keep track of my food and calorie intake..../

7:15 -Protein Shake with half a banana, peanut butter, and 1/2 cup of oatmeal
9:30- 4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs and a cup of fiber one cereal
10:50- handful of almonds
12:15- turkey sandwhich on whole wheat bread; small piece of steak
3:30- preworkout protein shake, only 1 scoop
5:30- protein shake with half of banana; 2 scoops of whey protein
7:15- another small piece of steak, brown rice, and turkey sandwhich on whole wheat bread
10:15- nighttime protein shake; cottage cheese, 1 scoop of whey, milk, peanut butter, cinnamon

If anybody gots any tips or suggestions for me, i'm open for criticism. Currently I'm at 247 lbs and i'm tryin to cut down to 225 by christmas time but i want to MAINTAIN my physique and muscle. I NEED tips so please feel free to post them!!!!

11-04-08, 4:28 pm
Today was leg day....for the past couple of years i've had complications with my ankle, surgery and the works so my legs are definitly lacking but i'm gonna work hard and get them up to par...the workout for legs goes as follows:

----I did two full rotations of this-----

Quads: leg presses 2sets/20reps
1st rotation- 6 plates/20 reps; 8 plates/20 reps
2nd rotation- 6 plates/20reps X2
Squats 2sets/10reps
1st rotation and 2nd rotation- 185/12 X2
Leg Extensions 2sets/20 reps
1st rotation- 80lbs/20reps; 90lbs/20 reps
2nd rotation- same as above

LEg curl machine 2 sets to failure
110/140 X2
Stiff legged deads 3sets of 10reps
135/10;155/10;175/10 (needed to go light cus i aint done these in a long time and didnt want to hurt my hammies)
Abs: Crunches, ab wheel, leg raises, oblique crunches

I will post my food intake later today.....keep trainin!

11-06-08, 7:45 pm
Thursday: Back, Rear Delts, and Traps

*3 warm up sets of chin ups*
Seated Narrow grip rows 3/15--------- 155/12, 185/12, 190/12
Reverse Lat pulldowns 3/12-----------175/12, 185/12, 205/12
Down the rack dumbbell rows-------**at the very end of my workout**--started at 90 lbs dumbbells went till 20 lbs, decreasing at around 15 pounds each time

Rear Delts and Traps:
Bentover lateral raise 3/12 --------
****SuperSetted with barbell shrugs*****------ 225/12,275/12,325/12
Rear Delt machine 3/12------------
*****Supersetted with dumbbell shrugs****------85/12, 90/12, 95/12

This workout overall was amazing..I needed to switch all my lifts up and put new ones in, change sets/reps, etc, and i couldn't have had a better outcome....I felt really pumped and had a good pace goin....prollly the best workout i've had in the last couple of weeks....tomorow my EAA juicy watermelon is waitin for me in the mail and I'm so stoked!!! i was thinkin about weights all day when i came to the conclusion that the reason i love them is because 225 lbs is 225 lbs no matter what day of the week, they never change or go anywhere besides up and down.....tomorow will be shitty cus i have an extremely hard exam in organic chemistry II...wish me good luck cus i'm gonna need it!!

11-10-08, 9:44 pm
Friday: Biceps Triceps and Calves:

**I forgot my notebook so i dont have the exact weights but i do have the excercise**

-Standing dumbbell curls 3/10
-Incline Hammer Curls 3/12
-Cable Curls 2/15

-Tricep cable extension 3/12
-Dumbbell kickback 3/10
-Close grip benchpress 4/12
-Dumbbell overhead extension 3/10

-Seated calf raises 3/25
-Standing calf raises 3/15


11-10-08, 9:57 pm
Monday: Chest and Front/Middle Deltoids

-Barbell Bench Press=135/warmup, 205/12, 225/12, 245/12, 255/10 then 2 forced reps
-Incline dumbbell press= 35/warmup, 55/12,65/10/70/10
-Cable Crossovers=35/warmup, 45/20, 50/12, 55/10, 60/8
-Incline Dumbbell Flyes 2 sets to failure

-Military Dumbbell Press supersetted with leaning lateral raise
-Lateral raises 3 sets to failure ????
-Front Raises= 35/10 X3

-10 minutes on elliptical
-10 minutes on treadmill

Todays workout went awesome...i was throwin around weights and gettin a pretty damn good pump....i tried a new thing during my workout where i filled about 50-70 ounces of water into a milk jug, put EAA's in it, creatine, and 16oz. of gatorade...drank it all during my workout however, i pissed about 5 times lol.....kept me hydrated tho!!! remember to feel free to post and critique my workout or give me new lifts etc.....I gotta go study genetics then i'm hittin the hay! keep pushin heavy objects around!!

11-11-08, 6:08 pm
tuesday: Legs and abs

----1st rotation-----
Leg press- 6 plates/20, 9 plates/15
Stiff leg deads- 225/10, 225/10
Lunges with dumbbells- 35lbs/ 2 sets
Squats- 185/10 185/10
Leg extensions- 140/20;155/15
Leg Curls-2 sets to failure

2 ab exercises

-----2nd rotation------
Leg press- 9 plates/10; 6 plates/15
Stiff Legged Deads- 225/8; 225/10
Lunges-35 lbs/ 1 set
Leg extension- 1 set to failure

2 ab exercises

5 minutes elliptical
10 minutes treadmill

I'm gonna be hurtin tomorow let me tell ya boys lol.....my legs are already gettin sore and i don't think i'll be able walk tomorow but thats a helluva good feelin aint it!!! keep trainin and get big!

11-14-08, 9:16 pm
i need some help guys....i keep slippin up on my diet towards the end of the week....i'm fine monday-thursday but then i always slip up on friday and saturdays...any suggestions?