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10-23-08, 5:57 pm
hey boys. n girls. ive been on the forum for almost 2 years now. im 19 and had a journey going for me to compete in powerlifting, got 1 competition in and joined the canadian infantry. ive got 3 weeks left in training, then i can get back into the gym and get a routine going. so figured what better way to get back into 'er then get a new journey. my goals are to compete in a powerlifting meet raw sometime between february and march. and do the OPA ONTARIOS for bodybuilding in june/july.

currently i weight 185, bench 185x5, deadlift 245x8,tbar row 145x5, squat ?x?. barbell shoulder press 100x6, run 5k in 19min 5 sec. and run 15k in 1hr and 12min.

i wanna train for powerlifting but i gotta keep my cardio up. and stay i fairly lean shape. i cant bulk up all that much which sucks cause i gotta do massive cardio. my eatin will not be very prope at times, but i do my best w what the base gives me.

my goal is by january 1st to bench 205x8, dead 315x6, squat 205x6, perform 100 nose-to-ground pushups and 25 pullups. and keep my cardio at the level it is now with a body weight of about 195-198

also. i dont want my bmi to get to high. right now i have an 8pack w veins all day everyday, and although i dont plan on keeping that i dont want to go above 8-10%..

i will post my workouts and eating as much as a can whch for the next month will be about 3-4 times a week. and after that i will post daily. i plan on going. high protein, slightly low carb, slightly higher fat. 3 meals a day. w a snack/meal post workout or post cardio and peanut butter right before bed.

any sugggestions./ i will post my workout routine this weekend. i will not be following it exactly at fist due to no free time because im still in battle school. but i will get as close as possible., please follow my journey into hell, post any advice or tips anytime,

thank you
Private Curran

10-25-08, 6:41 pm
October 18th

bench5x5- 155/175/185/170/155
tbar row 5x5- 100/125/140/155x3/140
pushups- 4 sets of 25 then 11+7+4+3 rest pause
pullups- 8/8/7/Closegrip - 9/7
laterals 5x8-15- 10sx15/15sx12/20sx8/ seated- 10sx15/10sx15
BB forearm curl 5x20- 50lbsall sets

october 19th
pushdowns s.s BBcurls 100/50 x12.. 115/60x10.. 115/60x10
close grip bench/preacher curl 135/40x10.. 135/60x10
bench dips/seated DB curl bw/20s x 20

thursday october 23rd
squat 3x15 80/110/120 DEEP!!
roughly 30" box jump 5x3- bw/10's/15's/10's/bw
bw squat 1x50
stiff legs s.s extensions- 185x12/90x8 205x12/90x8 205x12/90x8
seated calf raise 3x15 90/90/90
lep press calf raise 2x25 75/75

saturday october 25th

deadlifts 6x3- 225/255/275/295/305/315
lunges 3x10- 35s/40s/45s
BW squats 2x50
hypers 3x20- 10lbs all sets
leg press calf raise 3x25- 45/60/60
bw stand calf raise 1x100
DB shrugs 5x5-15 50sx15/65sx12/80sx8/60x15slow/60x15slow

10-25-08, 6:45 pm
thought i should add in a 10-20min warmup before each workout and core is done at the end of every workout. normally alternating upper abs, hip flexos+obliques+lower abs, and weighted core. also cardiois donefor 20-45min after each workout.

cardio after is either running, intervals on the stepper or rowing. warmup is ither a jog or stationary biking

The Sun
10-26-08, 6:06 am
everything looks solid for me, I'll be following this.
good luck bro

10-26-08, 9:22 pm
workouts r gunna be gettin delayed this week i think. this week and next week are all CQC training, so for about 8-10hrs a day were going to be grappling, fighting, pressure points, take downs all that jazz. along w 2 runs aday w 20-40lbs of gear on in boots, and jerry can PT.

jerry can PT normally consists of either running w a 20L jerry of watter full in each hand + all our kit. or it will be tying the jerrys to us and running sprints of about 200-400m w them behind us. also pushups, dips and planks consistantly happening w the jerry's all day.

and thats why they call this hell week..... 13 weeks ago there were 81 of us, only the top 40 of those got onto this course. and of those top 40 after 11 weeks completed only 25 remain.

most of the boys r nervous and slightly scared, i personally CANT FUCKING WAIT!! i cant wait to push my body ot the fucking limit all day for a week and a half. i cant wait to get knocked out AND GET BACK UP to spar the next guy. i cant wait to be covered in bruises and sore muscles and joints. i want to get fucked up, i want to suffer. why? because it lets me know just how much of a SOLDIER i am.

ALSO, thanks the sun, for stoppin by , feel free to toss in any Questions or opinions you want/have. remember as stated before my training is all fucked up right now BUT after the next week and ahalf ill be back in the game. full fucking speed!!

10-27-08, 9:33 pm
Monday, october 27th

incline Db bench- 10x10 all w 45's
flat barbell bench 3x8- 135/155/155
pec deck 110x16 DS to 80x14
reverse grip pushdowns- 4x15-20 80/80/90/90

ran 1KM in 3min 59 sec

also did 6hrs of kick variations, pressure points and circuit training today ahaha
and military hand to hand combat begins!!

back n a little bi's tomo night!!!!

The Sun
10-28-08, 3:12 am
good chest day mate.

10-28-08, 9:14 pm
thanks man. the supports great.

back n bi's today boys.

our platoon did 3hrs of, kicks, punches, uppercuts and elbows this morning. and did advanced bayonet fighting for 4 hours this afternoon. as well as 1hr of circuit training at lunch time.

wide grip lat pulldown 10x10 5sets w 85lbs, 5 sets w 100lbs
- after each set 25 lying leg raises were performed

DB row 3x8- 60/60/60 after each set 15 roman chair knees raises were performed
barbell row 1x30- 70lbs 2 sets of 15 roman chair knee raises were performed

incline DB curl 2x20 20's/20's
barbell curl 1set 70x5+2+2 DC style a set of 15 roman chair knee raises was performed after each set of biceps

ran 1KM in 3min 44seconds.

ate 2 oranges, 2cups of milk and 3TBSP of peanut butter PWO

either going to have 2 tbsp of PB and half cup nuts, or 2tbsp PB and 1cup milk, before bed

11-03-08, 9:21 pm
so. havent been in the gm in a few days, we have been BUSY!!. boxin, grappling, cicuit training, all day!
only 1 day of it left tho.,. then its a fewdays of rappeling, 2-3 dayssittin in aclass gettin info on where im moving next. then leaving next friday for gagetown, new brunswick.

so ill be back i nthe gym w a regualr routine tomrrow or the day after. im thinkin a 4day a wk split. upper- monday thursday, lower tues/fri. then a crazy ruckmarch or long 15-20K on saturday and sunday totally off

any idas on what xercises to do? im basically just looking for some strength and some size. lookin pretty aint a requirement so im not gunna bodybuild, my focuses r on the big 3 + military presses, pushups and pullups. thats all

The Sun
11-04-08, 1:47 am
Grappling is some tough workout too, I'm sure you'll achieve strength by doing those exercises.

11-05-08, 4:47 pm
had our fitness test today, ran 1.8k in 5min 47sec.
73 nose to ground pushups
250 straight sit ups
and 13 pullups, hands were sweaty n i slipped, can normally get 16-18 full extension

startin workin out again tomorrow. gunna do dead, bench, squat and military press then cardio n core. i think lol never no

11-11-08, 5:42 pm
Nov 6th. incline DB 3x8- 45/55/55
BB row 3x8- 115/115/135
lunges 3x8 - 40s/40s/40s

DB bench 3x10 - 55/55/55
CG pulldown 3x10 - 105/120/120
squat - 3x10 - 120/120/120

hammer curl/pushdowns 25s/80 x12...30s/100 x12...30s/110 x12
balf raises on leg press- 5x20, 95lbs for all
BB forearm curl- 5x15, 60lbs for all
core work

Nov 10th
bench - 165x6x3sets, 175x6x1set
pushups- 4x25
military press- 60x10, 80x6, 100x3
CG bench- 110x15x2sets
skull crushers- 60x8x2sets, 70x8x2sets

weighted situps 3x15 w 35lbs
crunchs- 3x50

5k run on 5.0 incline at 9.5-11 kmh =29:35

06-19-09, 2:06 pm
hey everyone! once again training has been sporadic at best.! after graduating battle school as top athlete in november. i was posted to gagetown ,new brunswick. where i immediatly spent months being trained or radios and communications. and that was followed closely by 6 weeks of training out in the bush and 8 weeks or recon training. so now months later i am a recon patrolman. and able to wokout normally! as i have applied for a csor tryout. which will be this september/october.

i currently weigh 186lbs. 6' 2"
bench- 200x3
incline bench- 75'x5
bb row 165x8
pullups- 4sets of 10 with bw
squat- 195x3
dead- 325x3
clean+press- 145x3

** i want to reach these goals at between 190-200lbs

run 5k in 20min
and 2.4k in 8min 20sec
bike 20km in 38min

now my goals for the end of july are- bench 195x6, pullup 3x15, squat 225x3, dead 315x6, clean and press 185x1. run 5k in sub 20min and preform 80 straight pushups. also bike 20k in 35min or less

07-02-09, 3:28 pm
currently i now weigh 189. i eat 5-6meals per day. and am trying to gain, but cleanly. as i cannot afford to gain fat, has to much of an effect on my running.

my squat is now 205x3, a 10lbs pr. and my lean and press is 155x3, also a 10lbs PR

a sample of my daily eating is -
0600--4eggs, 2cups milk, 1 pack oatmeal
0830--after morning run or circuit training- 2cans tuna, 1 banana
1200-- 6-8oz beef and 4oz cheese
1430--(pre workout)1 pack oatmeal, 1 chicken breast
1800--8oz fish, cup of rice
2200-- 6oz beef or 1 can tuna and peanut butter

07-02-09, 3:32 pm
starting later this week i will be putting all my workouts onto here, and 1-2x per week i will put my diet. to help keep me disciplined and for tips, suggestions

07-08-09, 4:23 pm
this morning i had a fitness test. ran an 11.5 on the beep test, 45 pushups(+10-15 that didnt count), 51 situps in 1minute, and 15 full extension pullups.

this afternoon i did. chest and back

incline BB- 135x8//155x8 (warm up)
175x5x3sets, 185x3, 195x2 drop to 135x15

close grip pullup/flat DB press- 12pullup/65'sx10. 3 rounds

seated wide row/incline fly- 150x15/30'sx15. 3 rounds (on last set dropped to 90 on rows and did 12.)

feet on ball pushups/wide pulldown- 25pu/135x8. 3 rounds on last round dropped pulldowns to 90lbs for 12.

07-08-09, 7:30 pm
so i know i already trained twice today but since the AM sesh was my fitness test, which was very short i went tonight for some cardio

here it is
ran 2km to the gym, then did a circuit of- row 400m as fast as possible/run 400m/rest 90sec

did that 4times, averaging a row of 1min 20sec. and a run of 2min.

then did 3x20 weighter sit ups (25lbs)
-3x20(per side) knee to elbow crunches
- 150crunches( rest paused, got about 70 in original set)
- 2minutes in plank
ran 2km home.

totalling 5.6K run, 1.6k row and core

todays diet comes to roughly. 260 protein, 200 carb, 85G fat
- thats more carbs then i normally eat. due to training 3x. and also less fat then normal.

07-09-09, 8:03 pm
todays workout

0730hrs 6.5-7 kilometer run

deads- warmup/ 265x5. 295x5. 315x5. 345x3PR, 295x5, 225x10.
ham curl- 70x12, 90x12, 110x12, SS with 50bw calf raise after each set
leg extension- all 1set- 20x10,40x10,60x10,80x10,100x10 then 100x10,80x10,60x10,40x10,20x20. huge burn!!

hypers- 3x15 w 25lbs. easy
BB curl- 70x10,70x10,60x15
db incline curl- 25'sx20, 25'sx20, 30'sx20rest paused
DB shrug- 90'sx15x3sets
barbell shrug-205x20x3
standing calf raise-70lbsx15x3sets

2x25 roman chair leg raise
2x100 flutter kicks
2x20 hanigng knees to elbows
DB forearm curl 30x30, 30x20
90lbs DB holds- 50sec, 35sec

07-10-09, 6:09 pm
hey everyone.
this morning was a 11K run through the forest and hills. took the rest of th day off, just washed the truck, worked and went for a walk.

hittin bench tomorrow, and probably some swimming for cardio

07-12-09, 7:21 pm
alright boys.
here is saturday's workout

bench- 135x15, 155x12, 175x10, 195x6, 215x2+1with spot
incline DB- 65'sx8, 65'sx8, 75's,6
pullup- bwx12/12/11
pec deck- 100x20, 120x20, 120x13+7
close grip pulldown- 150x10, 150x10, 165x8 dropset 105x12
bench- 115x50 rest pause
DB row- 75x10, 3sets


seated BB shoulder- 95x8, 105x8, 115x8, 125x6
pushdowns- 90x15, 105x15, 105x15, 120x15
lateral raise- 20'sx12, 20'sx12, 25'sx10
skull crusher- 55x15, 70x10, 70x10
upright row- 85x10, 105x10, 85x10, drop to 45x15
overhead extensions- 55x12, 65x12, 75x8 drop to 50x12

07-12-09, 7:24 pm
and today.

sore as fuck and not feelin that great so it was short ha

squats- 135x10, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5, 175x6, 155x10, 135x15
plyo lunges- 3x20
hyper extensions- 3x15 W 35lbs

supposed to do some cardio tonight
but feeling kind of run down so not to sure if its going to happen.

07-14-09, 5:03 pm
ok here is sunday,

squat 135x5/155x5/175x5/195x5/175x6/155x10/135x15
plyo lunge- 3x20
hyper extensions- 3x15 w 35lbs

short n sweet,


4laps of 200M track

400meter row SS 400meter run
4 rounds, avg row- 1min 20sec, avg run 1min 50sec

3.5KM in 16min 30sec

50 crunches, 50crunches, 3x25 side crunch, 100 situps, 2x 90sec plank, 1x100 crunches

07-14-09, 5:11 pm
and today!!

25 laps of 200M track
3x20 leg raise
3x30sec leg raise hold
2x100 flutter kick

clean and press- 95x5, 115x5, 125x5, 135x5, 145x5, 145x5 DS 115x6 DS 95x8
wide pulldown- 120x12, 135x10, 150x10, 165x7 DS 90x13
incline BB- 115x15, 125x15, 135x9+6
pullup w 20lbs SS flat DB- 6+4bw/65'sx10 5+5bw/65'sx12 4+6bw/65'sx11
DB shoulder press SS cable row- 40'sx12/120x15 40'sx12/120x15 40'sx12/135x15

laterals SS overhead ext- 20'sx10/50x12 x2sets. 20'sx10/55x12 x2sets
dips- 30rest pause
pushdowns- 100x50rest pause
pec deck- 120x50rest pause

5KM bike in 7min 21sec

hit a PR on the pulldowns and almost a PR on the incline bench, for that many reps anyway. the 5k bike time is also a PR

07-15-09, 7:00 pm

-7km run

-deads off 2" box- 225x5/ 255x5/ 275x5/ 295x5/ 305x5
-hamstring curls- 4x10. 70/80/90/90 drop 60x10
- BB curl 4x10. 60/60/70/70 drop 40x15
BB shrug- 4x15. 185/205/225/245 drop 185x20
standing calf raise- 4x20. 80lbs for all
hammer curl- 3x15. 30's/35's/40's
1leg leg press- 3x10per leg. 90lbs for all
DB curl- 2x20. 25's/25's
hypers- 2x20. w 35lbs

3 Rounds of--
25 close stance squats with 45lb plate
30 full situps
40 calf raises

1x100 ball crunches
2x50 ball crunches

95lb DB's holds- 48sec. 42sec
db forearm curl- 30x30, 2sets

game over!! felt real strong on the deads, probably could have gone up another 15lbs for 5reps, but wanted to keep the form good, and not do as many sets as last time.

07-15-09, 7:03 pm
tomorrow morning the plan is 2k run, followed by 5-8 uphill sprints, roughly 300M each

then 2k run back

tomorrow afternoon, thinking 10-15km bike and some mad stretching. no lifting at all. possibly some circuit training involving 8point burpees, squats, plank, pushups, leg raises

we will see. situation dictates boys

07-15-09, 7:10 pm
gunna toss out my meals for today-

0550- 2whole eggs, 4 whites, 1 cup milk
7km run
0900- 1 muffin, mixed left over lunch meat- (40G protein), 4 uniliver tabs
1200- 3whole eggs, 150g ham, 3egg whites
1450- 8oz lean beef, chicken salad sandwich (from military box lunch ah)
1600- workout
1800- cheat meal, 2 double cheese burgers, 1small fry
thats up till now but the plan is-
2100- 1 can tuna w olive oil, 3 uniliver tabs
2300-(bed)- 3tbsp peanut butter, 3 uniliver tabs

07-16-09, 3:16 pm
easy day today

0730- 2k run, 5 uphill 300meter sprints, then jogged 300 meter back down. followed by 2 300meter uphill runs backwards, with jogs back down

then 2k run back to finish off

felt great, legs were on fire.

off day for the rest of the day

tomorrow- ruck march w 80lbs of gear, for undetermined distance
and at night heavy bench

07-18-09, 11:12 am

am- was a 6.5 km ruck march with 93lbs of gear and boots on

pm- bench 135x8/175x6/185x5/185x5/194x4/193x3/155x12/135x13+7
incline db- 65'sx5, 3sets w 15seconds rest. then another 3 sets w 25seconds rest
feet of ball pushups- 20/20/15/15
hammer shoulder press- 90x20reps

felt like shit so called er a day, strength was way down cause diet was off.

11-13-09, 3:26 pm
been a whle boys, busy busy. but thats military life.

just got a house, and the internet so ill be back on here quite a bit.

doing mostly powerlifting now and fuckin lovin it!!

today- bench press- 135x10,185x10,185x10,205x7,205x6,145x20PR

standing 1arm Db shoulder press- 50x5, 55x5, 65x5, 50x8

incline BB- 135x15, 155x14,175x8

laterals- 25's x15, x12, 20's x15
skull crushers- 80x8, 80x8, 60x12

lying extensions- 25'sx10 drop 20's x10 drop 15'sx15

11-13-09, 3:28 pm
running has now been minimized to whatever my platoon does, and for my own cardio i do track work (sprints) rangin from 50m to 400m. and rowing sprints as wel SS w runnign sprints.

no longer training for endurance running. all speed and power!!!

11-14-09, 3:41 pm
this mornings workout

BW chin up- 15/12/10/8
BB row- 135x1-/ 165x8/ 195x6/ 195x PR6/ 135x15
DB row- 65x15/ 80x12/ 95x9 PR
BB curl- 45x15, 65x15, 85x10PR, 105x5 cheated

wide pulldown- 145x12/ 160x9/ 160x8 drop to 115x12
SS with DB shrugs- 85's x15/ 105's x15/ 105's x12 drop to 75's x25

DB curl- 25's x15/ 25's x15/ 30's x15

back tonight for GPP and conditioning. gunna have a god 6-8hrs between sessions so ill be well rested

11-15-09, 9:54 am
saturday night!

superset of clean and press, with 30" box jumps, all 5 reps

135/5, 135/5, 155/5, 155/5, 175/5, 175/5PR

circuit of cleans for 3, 5 wide pullups ad 10 ring pushups

175/5/10, 195/5/10, 195/5/10, 205x4PR/5/10, 205x3/5/10

3 sets of turkish getups

5sets of 1min plank


15min on bike, 30sec easy with 1min hard

how i got PR's on a circuit is crazy! but i love it!!

11-18-09, 8:27 pm
busy week boys, will post workouts tomorrow.

few high lights tho! rocked a 405x5 dead, and a 445 single!! at 212lbs

also bench 225x5 easy, and 235x4.
\DB shoulder press- 65's x10, 75's x6. good day!!

squats tomorrow, and possibly jump squats.

01-16-10, 7:43 pm
yesterday- bike 2.5km to the gym

deadlifts- 275x5, 325x5 4sets
clean /30" box jumps- 135x8/5 jump. 135x6/5 jump. 155x4/5jump. 135x6/5jump. 115x8/5jump
100 situps
100 BW squats
50 situps

2.5 km bike home

at night- 7km run in 31minutes

2.5km bike to gym
bench/pullups- 135x15/15pu/ 135x15/15pu 135x11+4/9+6pu

incline DB- 60'sx8/ 10/ 11
db rows- 70x10/10/10

circuit- wide pulldown with 150 x5 reps/ 10 full pushups/ cable row with 120 x 10 reps

did circuit 5 times.

20 crunch/20 leg raises- 5 times

incline fly- 25's x 15 4sets

bb shrug w 135- 40/25/20/25 (100 reps total)

2.5 km bike home

01-17-10, 9:58 pm
rest day today. kept thee carbs low, lots of protein.

tomorrow is going to be high carb all morning until the second workout of the day. O YA!! CARBS!! CANT WAIT!!!!

AM 4-6 km run along with uphill sprints

PM- upper body strength training. ( clean and presses, weight chinups, etc)

** thinking tuesday morning will be a 15km run? havent done a long distance run like that in a long time. maybe 10k would be better ha

current bw- 205

01-18-10, 7:43 pm
today- AM

0730 1.5km run + 8x100m uphill sprints + 5x50m uphill sprints + 2.5 km run. 30 crunches ss 25 leg raises x4

1730- 4x4 w 155 clean and press
weight pullups- 8 w 25lbs, 8 with 35lbs, 6 w 35lbs
incline bench ss seated row- 135x15/165x12. 115x20/180x10. 115x14/180x9
DB swings - 50 reps w 45lbs
53 pushups in 90 seconds.

tomorrow am- long run. pm- lower body circuit

01-20-10, 5:26 pm
tuesday- 2.5km run, squats w 185- 8/7/6/6. 50x 30" box jumps. 3x20 knees to elbows, 3x15 situps w 35lbs. lying leg curl- 90x15, 90x15, 100x12. 1:45 plank-40sec rest-50sec plank-30sec rest-35sec plank. 2.5 km run

wednesday- 9km run + 5km bike.

PM- just stretching.

01-21-10, 6:51 pm
0700- ran 2.5 km to work. stretched for 20mins, and ran 2.5 km home to get ready for work.

1200- 1km jog (warmup)- 8x300M sprints, 2 minute start rule, meaning your 2 min starts you ran your 300M and whatever time is remaining out of the 2 min is how long ou rest befroe going again. repeat 8x. i average a run of 66-75seconds. = 45-54 seconds res between sprints. followed by a 1km cool down jog.

overall thats 5km+ 4.4 km = 9.4km for the day

1730- upper strength

bench 6x4 w 185lbs
pullups 6x4, w 30LBS DB in feet

bb row w 185lbs- 5x5
1 arm standing shoulder press w 55lbs- 5x5

bw dips- 3x15
seated wide row w 135lbs- 3x15

db shrugs 4x20- 105's all 4 sets
pushdowns 4x20. 105lbs 2 sets, 90lbs 2 sets

full situps- 4x30
4x20- rotator cuff w 15lbs

2nd time benching in 8 weeks!! due to insertion injury end of november. retained more of my strength which is amazing news!!! should be back at 5x5 with 245 in no time at all!!

01-22-10, 8:24 pm
0700- platoon PT

3km run W 30 lbs of gear in the snow
pushups and shadow boxing for 15min
circuit of- rope climbing/ skipping/ sprints/ boxing
short run

PM- lower strength

3 km bike
5x3 deads- all sets done w 365 + 275x10
5x5 front squats- all sets done w 165 ATG
5x15 hyper extensions SS 5x15 knees to elbows
3x15- 20" step ups w 30 db's
250 flutter kicks
4x15 hammer curls w 40's
4km bike

01-25-10, 4:47 pm
took saturday and sunday off as total rest days. feel great today.

0700- 2.5k warm up. 9x200m sprints (all between 34-38sec) + 5x60m sprints + 2km cool down.

total of roughly 7.5 km running. and 6x25 full situps

tonight upper body strength. O YA!

01-25-10, 7:35 pm

2.5km run

clean and press- 165x4x4sets
DB incline bench- 65x10, 70x8, 75x8, 75x7
pullup with 20lbs- x8, x8, x8, x7
pushups- rest pause to 100... first set was 35
Db row- 85x5x5sets
overhead ext- 65x10x3sets
Db shrugs- 115x15x4

rotator cuffs.

2.5km run home

pwo shake- 5g creatine 3g glutamine, 2 scoop whey, 2 cup juice.

03-13-10, 3:48 pm
am- 2.5km run

circuit- 115 push press/ pullup/ plank for 1 min


2.5 km run.

5 burpee, 20 jumping jacks. x5

pm- 8km run, 100 squat, 100 situp, 100 lunges, 100 leg raise

03-13-10, 3:56 pm
i am now at a

415 DL
225 clean
205 clean and press
245 bench
205x3 front squat

22 pullups
2 miles in 13 min
and about 42-44min 10km

BW- 203

03-15-10, 5:43 pm
monday am- 7km ruck w 55lbs on rough terrain on boots, (upping to 70 lbs next week)

pm- 2.5 km run

push press 155x4 super set w pullup w 35 Dbx5
5 rounds

1 eight pointed burpee/2 pullup. 5 times per round. repeat 3 times

3 rounds- 10rep 60lb db swing/10x 7kg wall ball/ 5 clean press w 135

2.5 k run

250 jumping jacks
250 situps