View Full Version : How far do you drive to train?

eric downey
10-26-08, 6:02 pm
Ive recently read some post here and other boards about how far it is to train. Training partners are the untold piece of alot of good lifters. I dont know anyone that can put on a tight suit alone, get a good lift off (ask The Lad about having his 2 kids lift off 800 in his garage), push u for one more rep, or set when your dead tired. I drive 30 in on a Sat to train with my team. Jesse Kellum, Phil Maranto, Frank Caminita, Liisa Caminita, AJ Shourader, Kenny, Speedy (doing his first meet this Sat) Allen Sheen, Ted, Steve, Eddie. All thiese people help me reach my goals. Weather its talking shit or giving that ever important shout of (ONE MORE).


Brick By Brick
10-26-08, 6:07 pm
55 miles. That's my current record.

10-26-08, 6:10 pm
well, depending on how this next abc goes, I may be doing some driving once or twice a week to get to a really good gym. Right now I dont travel at all. I could walk to my gym right now, but its not very inspiring.

Farthest I've traveled was from my college in Binghamton, NY down to the Delaware ABC, about 4 hours each way. So I could see how guys like Big Ant, McFly, Big Al, G Diesel, all of the Animals, and how they trained.

10-26-08, 6:10 pm
3+ hrs to train.. but thats for ABC meets..

10-26-08, 6:38 pm
2.5-3hrs oneway every weekend for 6 weeks when i lived in FL.

Now, about 30mins 3-4times a week...

10-26-08, 6:48 pm
I walk about 1/2 mile but since i'm at college i'm walking throughout the entire day up and down two huge hills so it's leg day every day

10-27-08, 6:19 pm
Takes me about 5 minutes to get to my gym. Longest

10-27-08, 6:21 pm
Takes me about 5 minutes to get to my gym. Longest ever was 45 minutes to go talk to a state champ bencher on tips and technique. Well worth it the trip in my peice of shit clunker.

10-27-08, 6:22 pm
hmmmm, I drove to philly sat to train and that was over an hour a drive, LOL.

I drive 5-6 min, no traffic, right now to my gym, but I have driven as far as 30-45min to get to my gyms in the past.

10-27-08, 6:31 pm
yeah i'm the same as toni, bout a 5 minute drive to my gym... theres about half a dozen gyms in a 20km raduis, so i'll never really have that far to travel no matter what gym im training at.

10-27-08, 7:29 pm
Before I moved, it was 15-20 mins depending on traffic. Now I am less than 5 mins away. I am more than willing to drive to Phoenix which is an hour and a half one way. My partners and I are always talking about going up there to mix it up with other lifters, just have not had the chance yet.....


10-28-08, 12:46 pm
45 mins to an hour and 20 depending on the traffic (3 days a week)

10-28-08, 1:29 pm
45 mins to an hour and 20 depending on the traffic (3 days a week)

what gym in houston????

10-28-08, 1:55 pm
what gym in houston????I actually train at my training partners house in the SE Houston - Clear Lake area. He has a gym in his garage.

10-28-08, 2:26 pm
15-20min to our regular gym

We Squat every other week at a gym with a Monolift about 30 min away from our gym, so thats about an hour one way when we head down there.

You gotta be willing to make some sacrifices if you want to get stronger.

10-28-08, 2:51 pm
only 10 minutes

10-28-08, 4:03 pm
Right now the farthest I have traveled has been about 45min to an hour so hit the iron with the brothers at an ABC. They input i value deeply, so i would prob travel a great distance of course if work/school permits me.

10-28-08, 5:16 pm
i could drive for 15 mins and be around 3 24hr fitnesses. but the main one i go to is 5 minutes away.

never have the excuse that its too far away when its right down the street

10-28-08, 9:15 pm
Right now its a 3-5 minute walk (college campus)

one of my old gyms was a 15 minute drive
The other was a 15-25 minute drive (depends on if i sped or not...the anticipation for a leg workout gets to ya)

10-29-08, 7:52 am
5 minute drive, or a 30 minute walk. either is ok.

10-29-08, 12:44 pm
5 minutes MAX. I have 3 gyms within 1.5miles of my house, NO JOKE. I can literally walk to 2 different ones in under 10min, but the one I go to is a 5min drive at the most. If I hit green lights the whole way, i'd say i can be there in 2min.

10-29-08, 12:46 pm
I walk 10 feet from my kitchen :)

Every month or two I drive 1.5 hours for an ABC though.

Hola Bola
10-29-08, 1:18 pm
Drove 4 hrs to an ABC once.

10-29-08, 5:32 pm
20 second walk . it right next door of my shop

Maniak Mack
10-29-08, 5:37 pm
When i'm at work, it's a 2 mile drive. When I'm off from the 9 to 5, it's a 3 mile run.

10-30-08, 10:12 am
45 min Bus ride, but it's worth it.

10-30-08, 11:34 am
30 min walk from home, 5 minute walk from work

10-31-08, 9:27 am
5 miles each way.

10-31-08, 1:19 pm
I must walk down 13 stairs and across 20 ft of empty basement space to get to my gym...

About once a month I drive 20 minutes to a commercial gym.

10-31-08, 7:17 pm
Mine was close to an hour each way but I moved a couple of weeks ago and now it's only 3 minutes. When I finally get off for an ABC meet in Texas then I'm probably looking at a 6hr trip

11-01-08, 1:32 am
on work days i go to club fitness by my house. on off days i go to powerbody usa, which is about 15 miles away

11-01-08, 10:50 am
I was training at a gym that was 1 mile away, took me about 3-5 min.
That place wasn't cutting it for me, so now I drive about 25-30min. to train at one of the best gyms around.

Farthest would be about 3 hours to train. Will be making a 2+ hr drive on Dec. 6th down to Jersey to train as well.

11-01-08, 11:06 am
There are only 2 good gyms to train in in my hometown but both of them are too far to drive too and cost too much for a memebership. I found a small whole in the wall place where I recently moved that has everything I need. It's actually pretty hard core compared to all the others I've been too.

Bard of Rage
11-01-08, 11:17 am
I drive about 30 minutes to the gym at my base. I could use the bodybuilder gym that just happens to be 200 yards from my apartment but I've reasons why I don't. 1)I live in England and would have to pay in pounds instead of dollars. 2)I went once and was intimated beyond all hell. I was 1/2 the size of everyone there women included...