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10-26-08, 10:47 pm
Hey fellas, I am the Beasty One, Beast1 for short. I am 24, 215lbs., 5'7'', and hoping to grow. I'm a married man with a family and been competing for about 7 years now. I'm not the biggest and the best but I hope to get there someday. I have had some mishaps and some sacrifices along the way, but I'm back on track. I urge anyway who wants to chug along can jump on The Journey train with me and test yourself mentally and physically. I love all my Animal Brotherhood, especially my chapter. By the way I'm your friendly neighborhood South Carolina (York) ABC Coordinator, and I love the intensity, heart, effort, and Animalistics that our crew puts forth. I hope to compete again in 2009 and I want all the criticism and feedback and support I can get. Thank you brothers.

10-26-08, 11:34 pm
Good luck throughout your journey bro. Train insane

10-27-08, 12:22 am
I am 24, 215lbs., 5'7'', and hoping to grow.

that's pretty big for 5'7, how heavy you looking to be come competition time?

good luck to you brother, just make sure you've got a comp in mind, having a date circled on the calendar does wonders for dedication.

11-05-08, 9:02 pm
This morning I weighed in at 211 at 6 a.m., unsure of bodyfat percentage. Trying a new otc test booster and trying to put on a few good pounds. Right now I'm weight training mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays along with 15 minutes of cardio and ab work after. On the off days I'm doing 30 minutes of cardio and a little more ab work. I'm trying to get inspired and stay positive but after competing for the last seven years I feel like I'm slowing down a good bit, granted I'm married now with three children and a career ahead of me but damn it's like skiing uphill. Stand by me brothers and I'll be there with you.

11-18-08, 9:43 am
I weighed in at 215.6 this morning and still getting leaner but the wear and tear of all the cardio and training are wearing my joints and energy down. I have an ABC event happening this weekend and after that I'm taking a week to two week break after that. It just sucks because of the progress I'm making. I'm looking to step on stage next summer hopefully in the light-heavies but I have learned to just take it one step at a time. How far can you push yourself by yourself and with the help of family? Now that's a determining question. An upside is my lifts are getting bigger.

01-02-09, 11:07 pm
I have a strongman event coming up, back to regular training, hell yeah! I'm tipping the scales at about 220 now and 13% body fat. Getting stronger but my elbows are starting to ache. I finally got back to doing heavy deads and squats and strongman after crushing my foot 2 years ago and it feels great. Deads the other day I got 315x15, 365x10, 405x6, 425x3. Squats 315x15, 365x12, 385x10. It feels great but I feel like I'm not gaining like I want to. I am 220 now but 3 years ago before I crushed my foot I was 250lbs and 12% body fat, it sucks to think about those times. Until next time.

01-12-09, 8:48 pm
Check out my youtube page, IndigoRacer's youtube, got new vids up.

04-04-09, 2:05 am
I just underwent emergency appendectomy surgery. I'm out for a couple weeks but I'm quickly recovering. I'm doing strongman now and am coming up quickly. Anyone in the NC/SC area wanna get together for some training sessions just pm me.

04-04-09, 2:25 am
good luck

05-03-09, 7:47 pm
New vids up on my youtube page.

05-19-09, 10:40 am
I keep getting busy with work, school, and family but frow now on I'll be consistent. I recently had an appendectomy so I'm still recovering from that a litttle, my abdomen isn't back to normal and 100% yet. I recently hit a PR, a 255 axle for 2 reps and 225 keg overhead, an 850 tire, and a conans wheel at 600 for 3 revolutions and 840 for one revolution. I have a competition coming up on the 23rd this weekend in New Bern, NC, so hopefully it goes well.

05-26-09, 11:36 am
I finally placed. It was only my second strongman competition but I'm use to taking first or at least placing. I took 3rd in the LW - 231 class this weekend at Rage In The Cage. Now I've qualified for Nationals. Just tryin to better myself.

12-29-10, 9:18 pm
My body Rob Polenik is opening a new gym in Rock Hill, SC. Planning to open up in March 2011 as of right now and it will be completely geared toward strongman and powerlifting. Will have a ton of strongman implements, bands, chains, dumbbells up to 175lbs. Go to www.facebook.com and search for Brutal Iron Gym. Check it out and offer support and get ready to come and train. More info on site.

02-01-13, 10:26 am
I started "My Journey" in 08 looking to get into something outside of powerlifting & bodybuilding. 5 years later and I fluctuate from 240lbs to 260lbs at 12-20% bodyfat depending upon the competition & need. My how things change.