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10-27-08, 11:56 pm
Trying gain mass and strength.Im not overly concerned with adding bodyfat,so this is not a "bodybuilding" diet. Just wanted some opinions to make sure im not overdoing the calories.
Right now I am 260(5'9) training with a high volume, modified 5-day westside routine.
Meal 1- Large bowl of Shredded Wheat or Frosted Flakes and 50 Gram shake w/2% milk
Meal 2- Grilled or Breaded Chicken(10-12 ounces),potatoes or fries ( whatever they have in the cafeteria)
Meal 3- Shake(same as above)
Meal 4- 8 ounces of ground turkey with brown rice and onions
Meal 5- Same as above with 8 ounces of milk and two brownies
Meal 6- Shake
Throughout the day- 1 to 1 and a half gallons of water. Two diet cokes, and 40 ounces of gatorade(24 during workout)
Supplements- Zinc and Magnesium before bed,Multivitamin in the morning, NO product prior to workout. All shakes are with whey protein.

10-28-08, 8:08 am
you have amounts for all you protein but not carbs. That is what will make or break you. Try to post that up.

10-28-08, 2:28 pm
Lots of Protien, lots of Carbs, decent amount of fats....

I dont count calories or add anything up. You know if you are eating sloppy or not, no need to be adding stuff up.

I eat a lot....when I slack on my eating, my recovery suffers.

T. Kemble
10-29-08, 12:46 am
i wrote an article for planet rage on smart nutrition for powerlifters, check it out bro


good luk

10-29-08, 10:01 pm
Appreciate all the input.Im gonna tweak it a little pre and postworkout after reading tek's article.Thanks for the help.

11-01-08, 10:47 am
its the same as a bulkin bodybuilder who weighs as much as you do.

the one difference is you must eat an oreo with every meal and 4 pre training lol!!!!

nol but for real, oreos pre training are great.