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10-28-08, 2:28 pm
Hey guys so I have been overweight all my life and found lifting a couple years ago as it was the only type of exercise I could do at almost 500lbs. I have been up and down weight and workout wise. I just recovered from a back injury and started lifting again last night. I am keeping a writen journal but thought I would keep one out here as well.

I am starting slow and looking to progress towards a powerlifting type program like Stronglifts 5x5 or Rippetoes 5x5 or 3x5. Right now I am not convinced I am performing or can perform Squats and Deads with proper form at my size. 455lbs as of Oct 1st down from 471lbs in Aug.

I started real light to see how my back would respond and it is tight but not to sore.

Leg Press 90lbs/10reps x 2set, 180lbs/5reps x 3sets

Bench Press 45lbs/10, 65lbs/10, 95lbs/5 x 3

Seated Rows 25lbs/10, 35lbs/10, 50lbs/ 5 x 3

Leg Curls 40lbs/5 x 3

Since comming back my weight loss progress has looked like this

Aug 2008 = 471 lbs
Sep 2008 = 461 lbs
Oct 2008 = 455 lbs

I weigh in the first of every month I am a little worried about the first of this month with the couple weeks off to let the back heal but I ate real clean so I think I will be ok.

My goal is to lose between 5 to 10 lbs every month

10-30-08, 3:47 am
They made us take an early lunch at work and this is what the workout looked like today.

I do warm up sets but I am just going to post the work sets from here on in cause I am lazy

Leg Press 200lbs x 5 x 3

Overhead Press 65lbs x 5 x 3

1 Arm Rows 20lbs x 5 x 3

Close Grip Bench 65lbs x 5 x 3

Leg Curls 50lbs x 5 x 3

No cardio today I didn't have time because of the early lunch I usually head up to the weight room a little early but it was not an option today. I really want to start doing alot more compounds like Squats , Deads and so on but will have to weight till I am sure I am doing them right and even then that my back and knees can take it.

11-04-08, 11:30 am
Alright I am physically as 100% as someone who weighs 449lbs can be lol. I am down 39lbs in total from my heaviest of 488lbs and 6lbs for the month. I am happy with this as I hurt my back half way through the month and had to rely stricktly on diet control which has been a sticking point for me.

I have locked in my routine for now till the end of the year as well as my goals.

First the goals By Jan 1st

Weight = to get into the 430's

Bench 230lbs
Squat 135lbs
Deadlift 135lbs

For a total of 500lbs

I would also like to get my cardio up to 30 min sessions.

Right now I am only doing body weight squats to get form good

I am doing rack pulls for deads to work on form

A few weeks ago I did max bench 225lbs for 1 rep but I have been benching since I started working out in aug.

The total of 500lbs is most important to be honest at this point personally and of course the 430's even before that.

11-04-08, 11:38 am
Mondays workout

Workout #1 of new program

Work sets only posted

That being said here was todays workout

Just work sets no warm ups shown.

Bench Press 135lbs/5reps x 3sets

Overhead Press 55lbs/5 x 3

Rack Pulls 55lbs/5 x 3

Bent Over Rows 55lbs/5 x 3

11-05-08, 4:59 pm
Todays Workout

Squats Bodyweight 5 sets of 10

Leg Press 200lbs x 5 x 3

Leg Curls 50lbs x 5 x 3

Leg Ext 30lbs x 5 x 3

Seated Calve Raises 80lbs x 5 x 3

This was my first all leg day so I was a little unsure of the weights most all of them will be going up next week with the exception of the Squat at this point.

11-07-08, 6:22 pm
OK here is todays workout. The weight is finally starting to get to the point where it is somewhat of a challenge I am really looking forward to next week.

Bench Press 155lbs/5reps x 3sets

Overhead Press 65lbs/5 x 3

Rack Pulls 65lbs/5 x 3

Bent Over Rows 55lbs/5 x 3