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10-29-08, 4:55 am
I have no trouble squatting, comfortable and rock bottom, the thing I notice is that I have to have my right foot just slightly forward of my left foot around an inch for comfort, just on back squats and front squats.

Now it could be my hips are out of alignment or something else but it doesn`t bother me none.

I has watched others in the gym and they too have slight abnormalities such as this, left foot flared out where right one points straigth forward and so on.

Anyone else notice this in themselves, done anything about it?

A Physio appointment may be the answer but if its not bothering the lifter none why not continue.


10-29-08, 5:10 am
I have not noticed any problems like you have seen. I EXPECTED to have some, because my right foot HAS a bit of a different angle compared to my left foot when i stand up relaxed. But when i squat i HAVE to have a 'perfect' allignment to have a comfortable squat.
I do have to have a rather wide stance (compared to my shoulder width) for good squatting tho. Guess we all have to 'tailor make' all our positions and allignments to fit our needs.
Interesting topic.

10-29-08, 5:35 am
Actually I forgot to add that foot placement is shoulder width, when I go wider in stance I don`t notice it.

10-29-08, 6:12 am
I too, like Thrawn, have a wider stance squat. My right foot tends to be abit more forward than my left. If I move back even I am very uncomfortable. I don't think it's an issue though. I have seen a chiropracter and I don't have an alignment issue. But my left leg is slightly shorter than my right, so maybe that has something to do with it? -T.

10-29-08, 6:22 am
Yep same as me, sounds logical though right?

I have no problems, just wondered if others had the same.

10-29-08, 3:25 pm
leg length is a big factor.

10-29-08, 3:30 pm
I totally trashed my right ankle playing ball in high school. A result of that is my right foot points out farther than my left does, the flexibility in the right foot is shot compared to the left. You see it in the way I walk and how my shoes wear. So you may just have a flexibility issue or this is how your body naturally moves. If you really study how other people move, walk, stand..you will see a lot of little, interesting movements that most people dont realize they do....


10-29-08, 3:49 pm
Sanga, I think it all comes from how you get used to performing the squat. Whatever is comfortable for you in the beginning, and as you progress in weights you tend to stick with the stance. I do agree that if you have no pain then no need to worry. Neither of my feet stick out more than the other but my stance is a tad wider than shoulder width, it's just comfortable that way, I have tried to close the stance but my knees would not allow it.

10-29-08, 4:32 pm
I've always done the squat with a stance just a bit wider than shoulder length. I honestly never noticed how my actual foot position (one higher than the other, etc). I just pop the bar off the rack, take a few steps back, get comfortable and start squatting.

10-29-08, 9:43 pm
For front squats when I look at my feet my left foot is always more forward than my right, not sure why this is but it feels comfortable. DOn't have any abnormalities for back squat, at least none that I know of. I usually like to have a wider stance.

10-30-08, 4:36 pm
im always off on fronts because i cant look down to see

10-30-08, 4:43 pm
I always set up even on back squats, idk about front squats though, i'd have to have someone else tell me.

10-30-08, 5:18 pm
I just do a bit wider than shoulder width toes pointed out on both front and back squats. Seems to work fine for me. Through experimenting I've found I have a hard time getting deeper with a wider stance.