View Full Version : UFC 92 The Ultimate 2008

10-30-08, 1:49 pm
I cannot wait for this to happen. We have R. Evans vs Griffin, Nogueira vs Mir, and Silva vs Jackson. But thats only now. We still have two months until the fight, so I'm sure some really good fights are going to be put on there.

J Wong
10-30-08, 4:20 pm
War Wanderlei!

11-04-08, 7:47 am
War Wanderlei!


11-04-08, 8:34 am
I hope griffin kicks the shit out of evans, I hate that guy. Ever since his season of TUF, when he was acting like a panzy during his fights, and as he said "I just like to have fun" I always wait to see him get creamed. The fact he knocked out lidell was very disappointing to me.

11-09-08, 12:35 am
How in the hell does CB Dollaway get on the card above Wanderlei and Quinton!? Thats just absurd.

I really dont think Rashad will be able to pull it off. To me Forrest has fought the better guys, and won. Those he lost to, he still did better than Rashad (Take both fighting Tito for instance).

I want Noguiera to win, but I think Mir will. Either way, I'm really going to enjoy watching that fight.

I have no idea about Silva and Jackson. Last time they fought, they were in a ring, not a cage. Silva still really hasnt adapted to the UFC cage and rules yet.