View Full Version : 5x5 + Squat & Milk

11-02-08, 11:09 am
Not sure if this was touched upon on an earlier thread, but i was wondering if it would be okay to mix these 2 programs together, and by which i mean on separate days, so one on 5x5 day, next on S&M, next off, repeat. Or if the doctrine is to stick to one and thats the only way it works idea..

So what i was thinking the standard S&M routine and a 5x5 that includes deads, rows, bench, clean and press, BB curls.


11-02-08, 1:26 pm
I would separate them. However, 5x5 makes an EXCELLENT program to transition to after finishing squats and milk. For me personally, squats and milk I couldn't do the 3 days a week, I did a twice a week, both days squatting and adding 5lbs each time, first day I added benches and rows, second day chins and miltary. I'd say follow that for 6-8 weeks, then move to a 5x5.

11-02-08, 9:01 pm
I agree with iron on this one bro. First I would start off with squats'n'milk and run it for a good 8-10 weeks, then do a good deload for 2-3 weeks, then run intermedaite 5x5 for 10-12 weeks, followed by another 2-3 week deload, then you could run intermediate 5x5 again, or advanced 5x5 depending on what your goals strenght and weight wise are. Also if you are intrested I have an intermediate 5x5 design that takes into account assistant exercises on certian days, and 3RM and 5RM alternating between muscle groups.

11-02-08, 9:07 pm
The only way I can see mixing the programs is to do a 20 rep squat set, and do a 5x5 rep scheme on say your benching and rowing, etc.

I wouldn't do the programs on seperate days though.