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11-02-08, 11:25 am
Ijust switched shift and now I am working 3rd shit 11-7:30. Some days I will have to say over night and not go home. I was wondering what are some great meals i can make in bulk so I can eat it all day and just heat it up in a microwave or even eat cold. Im trying to bulk up but I dont want to get fat.

Thanks guys.

11-02-08, 11:30 am
Meal #1 Protein Shake 140
Meal #2 Otmeal 160
5 eggs (4 whites/1 yolk) 143
Meal #3 Protein Shake 140
Grapes (20) 72
Meal #4 Brown Rice (1c) 166
Chicken 320
Meal #5 Protein Shake 140
Grapes (20) 72
Meal #6 PWO Shake 280
Meal #7 Salad (4 cups) 30
Dressing (2Tbs) 90
Chicken 320
Meal#8 Protein Shake 140
Totals 2218 calories 80.4g fat 147.4g carbs 258.6g protein

Seen that on here was wondering what everyone through about it.

11-02-08, 6:54 pm
Normally when i'm stuck on campus all day , i just fill my bag with lean sources of protein such as : Chicken/Turkey/Tuna/Roastbeef/ Eye of round... I cook it up the night before ,tastes decent. I generally pair it with either brown rice ,Eziekeil bread , fiberous vegatables or oatmeal. I always keep a handful of almonds and a shaker cup with two servings of whey on hand just in case. As budget can sometimes be an issue , sometimes i like to throw together a Tuna/salmon burger.

- 1 can of tuna/salmon
- 1 egg white
- spices/herbs
- mix it all together
-bake it in the oven or on the stove (fat free cooking spray)

You can throw it on a peice of bread or serve it with some veggies/rice/...
I generally make 3 or 4 at a time , they keep for a couple days.

little nick
03-25-09, 7:17 am
Hey bro, check out the mass waffles thread under "diet", i tried some out this morning and they're great, take about 15 mins to prepare, but the great thing is you can cart them around with you quite easily.

All I do is mix 3 whole eggs and 4 egg whites with 1 cup of oats into a mixing bowl, add a scoop of protein powder, add cinnamon and mix it together well.

Then just heat up your waffle iron ( oh yeah, sorry dude forget to mention you need one of these) and put in the batter. Obviously you can add more of the ingredients to make more of a bulk meal! I just don't know how long they keep for due to the eggs, but im sure if you got a cooler box they'll be good for a good few hours!

Its an awesome way to get a high protein and carb meal so compact and easy to carry with you!! Then you could always spread Peanut Butter on them too, great stuff...

03-25-09, 10:28 am
You have to get a little fat, just like House said burn it in cutting phase w/ cardio and low carbs.

03-25-09, 11:24 am
I make my lean turkey, sweet potatoes, and broccoli all in 2 shots thru the week. They stay pretty good for 3 or 4 days.

03-25-09, 2:14 pm
ok bro i worked 3rds for a year, you have to be creative and proactive....you gotta cook them up the night before, but i always did gr. beef, rice, potatoes, brocolli, tuna, chicken breasts, and protein powder, i lived off these foods for a year, had no prob. gaining, but hey don't worry about putting on some fat, that is what cutting is for.