View Full Version : Have DB pullovers stretched anyone's ribcage?

Ronnie Chop
11-03-08, 9:01 pm
I was wondering if this worked for anyone. Thanks

11-03-08, 9:32 pm
I was wondering if this worked for anyone. Thanks

I don't know if they've stretched my ribcage or if that is possible, I'm certainly aware of the whole ribcage expansion myth, but they have certainly beefed up my lats and chest. Pullovers, both db and ez bar are always a staple of mine and I highly recommend them.

11-03-08, 11:29 pm
mine and many others.

i work with a bio chemist who specialises with genetic training. he has trained IFBB athletes and police/fireman powerlifters who have all placed firt in their meets.

rib cage expansion can very well happen with a couple if techniques.

breathing is big for it though as is age.

11-04-08, 4:09 pm
When I would do them, I'd def feel it in my rib area. As for actually expanding the cage, I think that all depends on age. If I remember correctly, Arnold's encyclopedia said that while you're still young, you can stretch it out using pullovers because you're still developing. I don't know how much truth there is to that statement tho ..

11-05-08, 5:32 pm
naw hasnt streched mine any that i can see. Iv been doin them pretty much every chest day since i started liftin. They've certainly packed on some mass though

11-05-08, 6:01 pm
One thing you might want to look into is Rader chest pulls. Peary Rader swears by them in his old courses.

11-07-08, 10:52 pm
i feel like pullovers have expanded my rib cage. its all in the breathing to get it to work correctly. i try to feel my lungs with as much air as possibly, then i lower the weight. by doing this, i would say i expanded my rib cage

11-08-08, 3:55 am
thats disgusting. good thing i dont do them

11-09-08, 12:30 pm
I was wondering if this worked for anyone. Thanks

I'd have to say "yes." Through the heavy breathing and range of motion, expansion of the diaphram, etc., yeah, I'd have to say it can and often does work. I am not certain but inclined to speculate that this is most possible while you are still relatively young - it just seems the results are never as drastic when this exercise is introduced at an older, mature age as opposed to someone in their 20's or younger. I could frequently stretch my chest and hear (and feel) my sternum crack all the way down the middle when I was younger, usually a day or two after a hefty dose of pull-overs, but as i have aged I have compleetedly ditched this exercise as the returns have obviously greatly diminished - but, now I have a nice wide ribcage and when I began I was a scrawny little turd. . . . for whatever it's worth.

11-09-08, 1:40 pm
thats disgusting. good thing i dont do them

You sound like my 13 years old niece.