View Full Version : 7 Kilos, 7 Weeks. Please help !

11-05-08, 5:39 am
Yer well school summer holidays are in 7 weeks and im looking to lean up, i don't wanna lose much muscle because i still wanna be developing some good gains but i also want to shred off some fat just for appearance. So my point is i'm not trying to go down to 8% body fat. I just want to tone up.

I'm 17,
170cm ( 5ft 6 )
87 Kg ( 191 pounds )
I have around 70 kilos lean body mass and 17 kilos of fat. Yep bulking got out of hand but it was a good season. Im looking to drop to 10 kilos of fat and that will give me 12% BF.

Im hoping to get this done:

Routine -

Everyday - 6AM ( Gym ) --- No Breakfast ---
Treadmill at 4miles/h for 30 minutes
Cross trainer, 65-75 RPM's for 30 minutes

Along with my normal weight training. ( Usually at 7:30 PM )

Supplements are.

3 Protein shakes a day. Morning, Lunch & after training.
1 Serving of Animal Pak in the morning.
5g of Glutamine Powder in water in the morning.
1 Serve of Storm before my weight training.
1 Serve of Storm after my weight training.
1 Serve of Anabolic Halo after my weight training.
3 Fish oil tablets.

Any ideas on how i can do this without losing much muscle.? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

11-05-08, 6:29 am
bro droppin 10kg of fat in 7 weeks is a pretty tough effort, thats over 20lbs.

its gonna come down to your diet... if you train hard get your cardio in and eat good you will shed fat but if you try and lose it too fast youre gonna lose some muscle, you gotta ask yourself if its really worth it.

11-05-08, 11:50 am
Thats a tough goal man. I lost 31lbs in 7 weeks, but I def came down too quick and some a bit of muscle. You need to post up your diet so we can see what you're eating. This will better help us evaluate you and your goals.

11-05-08, 11:53 am
get some bcaa's in before your morning cardio and prob more between your two half hour sessions. You prob wont be able to get shredded but you cn get in decent shape by then if you stick to your diet. How about posting the diet.

11-05-08, 1:17 pm
IMO a big part of holding on to muscle while cutting is cutting for a longer period of time so that you don't have to have too big of a cal deficit each day. Not to be nagging, but these guys are right, over 15 lbs in less than two months is a lot. At your age you probably have a pretty decent metabolism so you'll want to still eat plenty to hold on to muscle. I'd cut back on supps, and stick to eating plenty and making sure you get enough cardio in

11-05-08, 2:03 pm
I don't want to drop 10 kilos, only 7 ? What should i aim for realistically then?

11-05-08, 2:29 pm
I would aim for 6-7 kilos max.. You might lose more if you lose water weight, but 6-7 kilos of real weight loss would be perfect in my opinion.. Any more than that and you're probably looking at more muscle loss than you're interested in losing

11-05-08, 2:30 pm
I don't want to drop 10 kilos, only 7 ? What should i aim for realistically then?

depends on current conditioning. If youve got some rolls youll drop a good bit at first ut if youre pretty fit expect 1-2 lbs a week.