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11-08-08, 10:05 pm
bw: 341(345 later!)

curt got up to at least 341 on the day of the meet which was his all-time highest bw. we did this because the week before he was badly in need of recovery so we uped the creatine, ala, protein, weight gainer, etc to offset this. benched the other day(light session) and everything was easy for him. onward to the meet, warmups went very well. got up to him having to hold his opener at lock for 10 seconds. went for 725, and literally held it at the bottom for 10 seconds before he fired it up back up with amazing speed, just didn’t touch. then went to 765 and the same thing occured here. he got it down(brought it down slow) but within the last inch or so, couldn’t touch and held it there for 10 seconds or more before he fired it up and we had to take it. i called for him to have 805. same thing occured once more. got him fired up for this attempt since he had me call the final attempt. he brought it down faster this time but again, held for about 5-6 seconds before he called since he knew the same thing would occur again. i believe our mistake was not havin touched at all during this cycle and it still being a new shirt. we’ll be implementing some new ideas to help with this issue but curt can murder 805 now, he knows this. i knew this before going into this meet. just need to work on touchin more in the next training cycle is all. he’s goin to try and stay around 335-340 and see how it effects his strength. he is still going back to full meets in 09, just going to have to do a big bench in a full meet is all. all in all, it was a productive day. he wants 805 again and i know next time he will kill it! mason kicked ass and squatted 650 which was a world record for his weight class and division. he too had some benching woes that we are going to fix. the meet was fairly small, about 15 lifters. other than the issues curt and mason came across on the bench, yesterday was a productive day. we have a new plan that will fix all these issues and next time this won’t happen. on a side note, eric and trent have been hittin some impressive stuff! trent did a 605 3-board and eric did a 590 3-board…both done in the same shirt. eric has a rage x coming that we know is going to work for him. with the issues we had at this meet, these two will get the benefit of knowing how to touch in the shirts.


raw bench
135×10 245×6 335×3 335×3

shirted bench w/ katana
CG 4-board- 425×1 515×1
CG 3-board- 585×1 645×1
CG 2-board- 695×1 725×1

4-boards- 335×5
3-boards- 335×5
2-boards- 335×5
1-board- 335×5
full range- 335×2

***tonite was our first session back at the garage. tonite was the first session in our new training cycle that’s goin to be exploding some numbers. we also tried wetting our shirts and leaving wrinkles in my katana and jon’s f-6 and it worked wonders for both of us. jon did a 705 CG 3-board which is a 90lb PR from the 615 set in early october. i did a 725 CG 2-board which was another meet post-bombout! trent, eric, and mason had an off session. eric did a 515 CG 3-BOARD, trent did 515 CG 3-BOARD, and mason did some raw work. trent and eric are consisently staying 500+ on bar weight on any bench session which is huge progress in their first month training like powerlifters. we finished up with some suicides and me and jon attempted some bending but we were still burned from last week where jon did 11 grade 8 bolts and i did 12 60-penny bolts. jon managed a bend with a grade 8 and i did the same with grade 5 6 incher. now it will be 2 weeks before we bend again…for sure!! also previously before the meet, eric did a 590 3-board competition grip which was a huge PR on top of a 500 raw pull and trent did a 500×2 raw squat, so those two are gettin fuckin strong as well as their confidence is starting to climb. both has started bending and like me, they’re confidence is improving. we are goin to work with mason on his raw bench to get it up to where it should be and maybe give him some time to send one of those shirts back to get adjusted some. we got vids of tonites session as well as eric’s 500 and 590 3-boards from two weeks ago and mason’s 650 WR squat…the vids will be up tommorrow nite…also, today we got up the record boards for BAMA BARBELL. it awesome…even got a myspace page now:

view various vid here:


eric downey
11-09-08, 1:30 am
keep it moving, dont stop, never stop. SQUEEZE THE FUCKING BAR!!

11-09-08, 6:33 pm
Stay focused Curt!

11-09-08, 8:24 pm

11-09-08, 8:31 pm
Definately in for this bro! No doubt i'll be spending a lot of time in here watching the Beast put up godly numbers haha!

Big Wides
11-10-08, 9:24 am
you got this big fella, keep it up Curt

11-10-08, 4:34 pm
you got this big fella, keep it up Curt

X2, Beast! Just show those damn heaps of scrap metal who's game it is anyway!!! You OWN that slag, brother!

11-18-08, 3:25 am
bw: 335

raw bench
135x10-10 225x8 315x1

shirted CG 3-boards
me(single ply katana)- 405x3 455x3 495x3 545x3 585x3 635x3 545x7
jon(single ply F6)- 405x3 455x3 495x3 545x3 585x3 635x2 545x4

raw CG 2-boards
me and jon
315x3 365x3 385x3 405x3

**tonight was a great session. getting in reps are going to work for sure on getting us stronger quick. me and jon went up to 635 for 2 and then dropped to 545 for reps. eric went up to 455 for a single and then dropped to 405 for some fast reps. he's got a new shirt but once he gets it right, eric is goin to be scary!! mason got in some raw work and worked on setup as well. his new setup should workout very well. we also installed a stereo today to add music to the atmosphere which helped and our SS bar arrived today so much fun to be done on squat days now...our monolift attachment should be here in a few weeks...

puttin in some work!

thanx brother!

bw: 334

box squats w/ double greens w/ HC straps down
me- barx1 135x1 225x1 315x1 405x1 505x1 545x1 (140lb PR!!)

bw: 247
double greens w/Titan Dual Quad straps down
Jon- barx1 135x1 225x1 315x1 405x1 455x0 455x0 455x1 (110lb PR!!)

***tonight it was just me and freak hittin squats. our gear is fittin a tad tighter then they did a month ago. both me and Jon have put on an average of 10lbs since then. Jon killed a 405 and after several attempts(problem with the Free Spotter) he owned 455. he did 345 last time with the same tension. i did 405 last time and did 545 rather easy...had 600 in me with bands surprisingly enough. our squats are gettin sickly strong like our benches have so things are goin in the right direction. got some vids of tonite's session(including freaks' vid on puttin on a suit...LOL!)...

eatin plates...its what we do!

recent vids:

11-18-08, 5:27 am
Awesome stuff, big man!! Just what i needed to see after having a so-so squatting session myself. This log helps keep my fire burning, Beast.
You guys are MONSTERS =))

11-26-08, 10:46 am
we do try brother...LOL!!

bw: whatever...LOL!!

***this week is a deload at bama barbell. trent and eric have some things to tend to so its a good week to do it. me and freak are just goin thru the motions is all. did some squattin on sunday with 315 for sets of 5 and sets of 3 on SBB box squats. freak did what he could but still had to stave off for his back to heal up. tyler worked up to matchin mason's PR on the SSB box squats. we went into bending nails since we were recovered from that. freak killed 5 of the ironmind red nails which if you look them up, aren't easy to do. i had issues(mostly my head up my ass) bending 5 inchers until we realized why. my crush was done all wrong when exhausted managed to finish 2 grade 5 6 inchers, just one more than i did a month ago so i'm gettin stronger as well. the next nite, was bench and mason joined us. apparently, he went and got a bench last week cause he was repping 225 like it was nuthin last nite. maybe i need to get ahold of that secret! LOL!! tyler was working in my old rage x and did some CG benchin and worked up to a 545 3-board CG. the shirt still had some magic left in it apparently. we did some weighted pullups with the new dip belt we got from APT. then i took a stab at finishing the 5 incher bolt(CR?) and this time i finished it and i know from now on the bends will be a lot easier. lookin foward to it...

on a side note, went to my first gun show which was almost aborted cause we thought it was goin to be in birmingham and instead went south to the next nearest one in cental alabama..."the gump"...LOL!! me and freak hung out and got very interested in guns. its an awesome thing. visited my parents for a while and headed back to eat.

still fun stuff...

11-26-08, 5:14 pm
Good stuff, Beast!! Still havent tried the nailbending myself. Must try that, sounds like a great exercise.
Is there any other particular grip work you do?

11-30-08, 9:46 pm
OMG i think i just found the fuckin holy grail!!! i'm subbed now bro!!

12-12-08, 2:42 am
bw: 337

SSB box squats w/ briefs
me- 135x1 225x2 335x3 375x2 415x2 525x1 335x5 (PR!)
freak- 135x3 225x2 335x3 375x1 335x5 335x5(PR w/ briefs)

speed deads

***tonite it was me and freak again. nuthin special...we were two fat guys tryin to get into briefs that were fuckin tight as hell..oh well, who said gear had to be comfortable? anyways, got a PR on SSB box squats with 525. freak's back was doin better and got up to 375 for 1 and dropped down for some reps. like i said, just gettin back into doin some work. we might have 2 more new lifters join us...stay tuned!

more for BMBB!

bw: 335

raw bench
me- 135x12-10 245x8-6 335x3 245x10
reverse band shirted 2-board CG 425x3 515x3 605x3 695x3 745x1 805x1 705x3

freak- 135x12-10 245x8-6 335x3 245x10
reverse band shirted 2-board CG 425x3 515x3 605x3 695x2 605x3 700x1 655x2

static press
me- 225x5 315x5 365x5
freak- 225x5 315x5 365x3

***tonite it was me, mason, and jon. it was a very productive session. i'm goin back to "not thinking" and it seems to workout well for me when i do it that way. LOL!! mason had his first good bench session in a while and freak did as well in a loose katana. everyone about equaled their 3-board CG max. also, we were using EXTREME close-grip about 3 fingers in from the rings. in other news, we officially have a monolift at BMBB now and we are fuckin excited to use it on sunday!! pics and vids forthcoming...

...now all we need is the shirts, right?

bw: 330ish

box squats w/ Dbl Mediums and Monster Minis
135x2 225x2 315x0 315x1 405x1
w/o tension
225x3 315x5 405x5

***tonite was the first nite using the monolift and it was awesome. we did some high band tension box squats. i believe i went up to 455 which was still fast with just briefs. jon stopped at 315 i believe. he's still easing back but his back seemed to hold up well under the tension. tyler and matt joined us and did some great work as well. we are all goin to have to get used to learning the monolift, even me who have used one a thousand times in the past.

ME Bench
bw: 328

raw bench
135x12 225x8 335x3 335x1

shirted 3-board CG
425x2 515x1 605x1 695x1 785x0 785x0

static presses
245x5 335x3 405x3 425x3

***tonite wasn't my best session nor was it jon's either. i had missed 795 earlier last cycle on the same 3-board CG. so missing 785 here wasn't good. it was the same for jon...we both felt like 745 and 805 would fall respectively but it wasn't so. we both managed a 695 for last nite which we aren't pleased it but we will get better. mason had an awesome nite hittin PRs left and right, trent joined us after his hiatus and did a 605 CG 3-board, tyler i believe went up to 565 and matt surprised us all. nailed a 695 like me and jon did and missed 785 as well. all in all, everyone had a good session tonite. it was good stuff. we did some bending later, where i completely owned a grade 5 no problem but went to a squared piece and after about 2 hours only managed a slight kink in it. jon got up to some reds and did a few bastards. i'm tryin to learn a different style of bending since the DU was damaging my palms bad. anyways, we got vids and will be up on youtube later this week...

....nevertheless...the mojo never left

12-18-08, 6:00 am
bw: 333

SSB box squats (me- briefs/ freak- single-ply suit straps down)
me- 155x3 245x3 335x2 425x2 515x1 565x1 335x8
freak- 155x3 245x3 335x1 425x1 475x1 515x1(high) 425x3 335x5

***tonite it was me, freak, and trent hittin squats. hit an easy 565 and i believe i had enough in the tank for 600+. freak got 475 pretty easy and fubared the 515. he'll get it next time. trent got the same as well..in the canvas straps down. everyone was w/o knee wraps to help with stability. after squats we went after some bending and got some PRs there. our technique on bending is gettin better and doin some monster bends now. i got up to grade 8 six inch and own it after tearing thru the seven inch FBBC squared. freak tore thru some bastards and a hexabastard that he couldn't get goin but thanx to some motivation, got it goin. hoping for a big turn out on bench day thursday...

the usual sunday stuff...lol!

last weeks bench session:

sunday's squat session:

01-21-09, 9:44 pm
sorry it been a minute brothers...but here's the last sessions..

bw: 329

SSB box squats
me- 135x3 255x2 345x1 435x1 525x1 615x1
jon- 135x3 255x1 345x1 435x1 525x1 575x0

speed deads
315x9 singles for both me and jon

***last nite was a good squat session..granted me, jon, and matt were fucktards squattin but we managed some PRs i guess. matt and jon got 525 which was a PR for both of them and i went for 615 which i thought was ugly but was fine on vid. rob went for a HUGE 800 SSB box squat...it was badass! then had a miss 885. it was awesome...though we had a dump on the 800 but that was AFTER the lift. after squats, we did some speed pulls and that was it.

rob's squat was something to see...

bw: 329/240

me squats w/ 2 dbl greens(per side) RAW!
me- 135x1 225x1 315x1
jon- 135x1 225x0 185x1

speed deads w/ dbl 1/2 monsterminis

***tonite was a damn good session. freak hit a huge PR...185 raw. last time he did this same tension he used his suit plus wraps! me, damn it if fuckin 315 felt strong as well...with 2 dbl greens per side that comes a shade over 900 at the top!! trent hadn't felt this much tension before and got 95. did some speed deads and was done. i think we can say that 1000lb squat in march is possible. i'll be goin raw for a few weeks then hittin the gear...

band squattin...gotta love it!

bw: 326/247

raw bench
135x10-10 225x8 315x3 365x1 390x1 2B 420x2 450x2

shirted bench
me- 3B 550x2 2B 585x2 605x2 3B 605x2
freak- 3B 525x2 2B 545x2 585x2 3B 585x2

pullups and tricep work

***last nite was a very productive session...first one in a long while. we are following a program from BIG IRON that looks to have some serious promise. we might have finally ironed out jon's speed issue on bench and it invovled the head bein raised up which i did a some point while at NGBB. on his last set, the bar moved a lot faster when his head didn't move. mason keeps gettin stronger on bench and is now able to do pullups w/o assistance. matt and i were moving the bar fast but we moved it too fast and not enough control...we fixed it on the last set. we did pullups(as i mentioned). i've got tons of vids goin up...from the squat session to the bench session...all good shit!!

see how BMBB roll!

raw bench
me- 135x10 225x8 315x6 2B 405x3
jon- 135x10 225x8 315x6 2B 405x3

shirted 4B(close-grip)
me-550x3 615x2 650x1 635x1
jon-500x3 565x2 615x1 585x1

pushdowns with bands and JM presses

SSB box squats RAW
me- 145x5 235x1 325x1 415x1 505x1 555x1 615x1 PR!
jon- 145x3 235x2 325x1 415x1 465x1 505 dump 525 x 1 PR 565 Dump

speed deads
me and jon sumo
135x1 225x1 315x7x1

***been a bit behind on sessions here but we've had a kickass run on lifting lately. we started the BIG IRON bench program and its fuckin awesome. AS YOU SEE the numbers aren't what your used to seein but in the coming weeks it will get interesting. matt and jon are neck and neck on bench now and mason has gotten a tons better on benchin. squat day was another beast all itself. there was a kink on the bar from the dump rob had a few weeks ago but we managed to go thru it. mason had an off night but will come back stronger. trent came out and killed 525, matt did the same as well as jon. matt and jon tied the PRs they set on SSB box squats with only suit straps down raw so i knew i had to follow suit. i did 615 and tied my brief PR raw so that shows that the 2 dbl green band tension we did the week before worked like a champ. we did some speed deads using form that we don't use. i got vids and they will be up tommorrow nite...

BMBB...believe the hype!

to any recent vids, go to:

03-10-09, 8:20 am
Whats up, big man? Havent seen you update in a while. Hows the mighty beast and crew doing?

Big C
03-10-09, 2:15 pm
Hell yeah BEAST where u been bro? Hit me up on myspace sometime looks like you got some big things going on in this thread! Killer workouts to say the least.