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11-09-08, 9:34 pm
After several months of mental deliberation, I have made my decision to enter back into the sport of bodybuilding, a sport and lifestyle I love. Over this past year, I have put my body through the wringer, and can state with full confidence that the body is truly made of clay; you can shape it into whatever form you want it to be.

A little backstory: I played football in high school, and was recruited to play football at a small D3 school. I got hurt (herniated two discs in my back) and was forced to quit any strength sport in order to recover and heal. I got into cardio work, and started running. After losing 70 pounds, I started to question if this is the life (and body) I really wanted. After being 240 pounds, then dropping to 170 in less than 8 months, you start to question what you want to look like. I've come to my choice.

My lifts were high when I was in football. I sported a 385 pound bench, could deadlift 500+, and shrug well over 600 pounds. Although I have not tested these lifts in quite a long time, I am sure they are going to be nowhere near their former numbers. But I am determined to get big again, get sculpted, and perhaps, compete in a amateur bodybuilding competition in April.

I won't state any specifics right now. I'm going to start taking a look at diet and training routines and start making changes accordingly. The time is now to start this, and I feel confident with what I can accomplish. I will start the ascension back into this sport I love, and attempt to make gains on my current lifts, all while sculpting my body into form. This will serve as my journal and log.

Will be back soon with more specifics. Wish me luck, hope to hear your feedback.

11-09-08, 10:18 pm
I hear ya bro, football is a bitch on the body. If your back is healthy and you're able to lift again, do it if you want to. It seems like you want to lift. Do it.

You had sick lifts, I'd love to be able to lift those numbers.

11-11-08, 8:29 am
Can't wait to see where this goes. Those are some impressive numbers!
You should ask to get it moved to Journeys, though.

11-11-08, 12:48 pm
Those are some big numbers bro. Lets see you get back to pushing them!

12-02-08, 9:34 pm
If you start soon, you'll be getting those numbers back in no time!