View Full Version : Dumb Motherfuker

11-10-08, 4:34 pm
The video is self Explanatory, but after watching this video i want throw a 100lb of dumbbell at his face!


11-10-08, 4:38 pm
Haters are everywhere......too bad he actually bought the DVD to criticize it........waste of time and money.........beside his curl was shitty, without his body fully tight to the preacher bench.........

11-10-08, 5:23 pm
that guy is an idiot. 175lbs natural? can he count? that would be atmost 125lbs and it was for sure editted cause he didnt show him lift it, just the top position. wow, you are a grade A piece of shit. good job.

you do know this thread is gonna get closed down right? due to the "be above the fray" rule. we don't need to waste our time with scum like that man in the video.

11-10-08, 5:39 pm
Ok, this vid is bull, so who cares about it, move on and lets not waste time and bandwidth on something so worthless. This thread has only one direction and it aint even worth going down.