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11-11-08, 6:39 pm


CNN ran a feature on this young boy yesterday as well. This grown man shed some tears.

Never doubt the power of one single individual.

11-11-08, 6:49 pm
that is truly one of the most inspirational stories ive ever heard, that kid knows he will leave an impact on people here until his physical self is gone but like this 11 year old ALREADY KNOWS his spirit will never die, hes gonna be one hell of an angel, he already showed us all why...stories like this toss a little prospective into most of our lives when we get pissed we cant eat for 3 hours hes pissed he wont see his mom or dad or friends in 3 hours...my heart and prayers go out to that strong young man and his family, may God be with them all.

11-11-08, 9:18 pm
it really is amazing. someone who is so unfortunate to be ill, ecsp at such a young age, who is willing to reach out and help others, when you couldnt be mad at the kid for one second if he just wanted to go to disney world or meet his hero or something. but the kid wanted to help others. amazing.

i really try to be thankful for my good health, but at times i feel im ungrateful. this is really a wake up call

11-11-08, 11:13 pm
Its amazing that such actions could come from a young boy. I know that if the same conditions happened to me at that age I woulda asked to see Chipper Jones or Greg Maddux. This boy's selfless acts are the acts of a MAN.

11-11-08, 11:41 pm
wake up call indeed.

sad story. definatley a wake up call

11-12-08, 11:29 am
If this world had more people like Brenden, it would be a far better place.

11-12-08, 2:33 pm
Very cool story man. I'm an emotional guy and i'm not embarrassed to admit I almost let a tear out until I read the last line. I decided to hold back, lol.

11-12-08, 5:03 pm
Here's the CNN video fellas...


11-14-08, 12:00 pm
Great post man...to realize that at such a young there is something bigger out there than ourselves. Makes you put things in perspective when you read something like that who was half your age

Little Z
11-14-08, 4:50 pm

thats all i can say..

to see someone that young, with that much heart..


thanks for posting..

11-23-08, 11:35 pm
Brenden Foster, who inspired countless people around the world with his wish to feed the homeless, died early Friday in his mother's arms. He was 11.


11-23-08, 11:45 pm
My God, that breaks my heart.... My stepson had leukemia as a child (has been in remission for 12 years now) and this absolutely brings to light how lucky we are to have him here....

Brenden's spirit will live on... That was a young boy with a special soul....

11-24-08, 10:19 am
RIP Brenden. Your spirit will be missed.

11-24-08, 12:43 pm
Has a heart as big as this biggest man in these forvms