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11-13-08, 1:57 am
So weeks ago I made a post about heavy lifting and shoulder/ collar bone injury and found out it's the rotator cuff. To prevent my shoulder from dislocating should I stop lifting complety? or should I just rest the shoulders and lift lighter? I'm still trying to bulk so would lifting light for a couple months affect that? or if I still eat lots and lift light it'll be all gravy?

11-13-08, 2:32 am
You should see your doctor and discuss it with him. He'll be able to tell you what the best thing to do is. You do not want to fuck up your rotator cuff.

11-13-08, 3:07 am
Get the all clear from your doctor to do rotator cuff exercises, then if the doctor says its ok do the exercises and train round shoulders if need be, if no pain then train lighter, maybe slower concentrating on the movement and the exagertaing the negative.

Doctor has to give all clear first IMO.

I do rotator cuff exercises before every upper body workout without fail, it has helped a lot.

11-13-08, 11:56 am
Yeah, as everyone else said, you'd have to talk to your doctor about that. Only he would know the true answer.

11-13-08, 8:18 pm
Shoulders are a really touchy area. If something ain't right, put all your efforts into fixing it. Don't worry about messing up your bulk because a few months of rehab is way better than having shitty upper body workouts for the rest of your life due to shoulder pains. I had some shoulder issues last year so I didn't do chest for 6 months and I'm glad I didn't.