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11-15-08, 11:12 pm
hey guys, my name is Matt Rossini, ive been serious about my gym for about 6 months now. i just finished a cycle of animal cut and animal m-stak. firstly i must say! what a fucking experience! i mean wow!

from the first day i was lifting more! and going harder!, i started the cycle at 83 kgs and a a nice lil belly lol. now i weigh 86.9 and my stomach is flat, (not defined abs just yet, but nice obliques). my body feels and looks so much bigger! this last week (the week of the cycle) i added 50kgs to my dead lift! ps i only stated dead lift the week before (so week 3) and was doing 100kgs, then monday i added 35kgs. and yesterday i added another 15kgs! i mean wow! two huge increases in a week! i understand its nothing compared to other people but for such a short period of time i feel its good.

my shrugs omfg! i started the cycle doing an absulute max of 100 kgs! (on the bar attached to the machine? dunno what its called) wed i max out at 170kgs! and 12 reps! i dont care what others say thats an animal effort! my traps have shot up since this lilttle cylce btw!

my squats well lets see, started the cycle doing 40 kgs! dont laugh i wanted to get technique right! so i got over the shit weight after the first session! (btw this is the first time i squated) now im doing 130 kgs nice and deep.i got heaps pissed off becuase last week i hit 130 kgs and this week i didnt up it! still A good effort i feel. leg pressing 280kgs nothing to impressive.

my bench was 70kgs max now its 80kgs, inclince same, but decline went from 50kgs to 85. my flys went from 12.5kgs to 20kgs. i just started dips but leaning forward and i can feel that working.

tris are looking amazing! i pushed 66gs push down with an ezy grip bar. im doing 25kg push downs single arm. (going to gym soon to do chest and tris could be more today hopefully!) bis well i love them but i dont work them as hard as my back, and there on back and bis day lol. but still got to 22.5 kg curls (dumbells).

i stuck to a heaps good diet, 5 eggs scrambled no oil or butter, in the mornings. about 380 grams tuna for lunch. (in fresh water so very lil fat) and a nice cooked meal for dinner steak chicken etc...

last two weeks my partner injured his finger, cut it to the bone. so ive been alone. but i dont mind it. i ask if i want a spot you knw how it is.. the thing that has me wrapped is! ther is 4 huge guys in my gym and then there is me now lol but they all push all little bit more than me in those lifts but! they have been training for years! some 8-9, im only 18 nearly 19. and ive only been serious for 6 months, and really ive only been super dedicated the last month.

i love the feeling of having all these people just stop and look at you when your lifting heaps heavy! like on deads yesterday, there is this group of pricks in my gym, wankers! not big but they annoy me cause they always steal the shit im using or just piss me off in a way lol, they were all shitting them selves watchin me do 150kgs lol im not huge im a decent size but i thought it was funni.

well i hope to hear from you guys on my little adventure. i know i enjoyed every second of it! peace out! im off to push some more weight!

11-17-08, 5:39 am
strong lifting there bro. Keep it up. You're an ANIMAL through and through.

11-17-08, 5:59 am
JUST GOT TO GIVE AN UPDATE ON TODAYS LIFTS! i think you guys will be very intersted!

okay so today i realised becuase im shruging on the smiff machine i cant really add 20kgs (weight of the bar) to my lifts. okay fine 170 becomes 150, boo whoo. all day i was talking about adding another 10 kgs making it 4 even plates a side (20kg plates), guess what! i went toe to toe with the biggest muther in our gym! hes my mate and he been there guiding me latly through the big lifts with technique and moral. any way! we went 1 plate (a side), 30 reps for a warm up, then decided to stick to 8 reps till we hit 4 plates, so we did 2 plates-8 reps, 3 plates 8 reps, 4 plates i pushed 8 reps! then we decided to add 10 more to each side! but i wasnt down for that! i said fuck it lets go 5! fucking plates! thats 200kgs of raw fucking weight! and we did 2 sets, set one i got 5 reps! set two i got 3 reps but holding it up and slow to bring it down! i felt insane for two reasons! its a 50kg increase from wed! and i was going toe to toe with ED! now im nothing special (yet), im 5'11 and i weigh 87 kgs, with decent size on me, and im 18 (19 in a month), and lilttle waist. for me this is huge! im loving every moment of it!

then i continued with shoulders! for about 15 mins! (btw the shrugs was after military press and other shoulder exercises), then picked up the two biggest dumbells in my gym (50kgs) and put my straps around them, and shruged them, 3 sets of 30, then a 15 then a 12 then a 5. i was screaming!

i think im going to be keeping a real good posting on this! i will keep you updated reguarly and my cuzins gf took a photo of me doing 4 plates so i will try and upload them asap.

please leave me your comments! oh and i would like to here your thoughts on what i should take for my next cycle? im looking for mass gains! but staying lean?

11-17-08, 6:35 am
Animal Pak
Animal Stack or M-Stack

11-17-08, 11:20 am
Im glad your having awesome results. keep it up bro. skies the limit.

11-17-08, 5:55 pm
what is intra aid and torrent?

11-17-08, 8:57 pm
What are all of your current supplements (Protein, creatine, multis, fish caps etc..)?

11-18-08, 12:08 am
i dont use any supplements.. i just did a cycle of animal cut and animal M-Stak

11-18-08, 4:41 am
todays update! LEGS!

another big day for me, 130 on squats, 10 reps. leg raises got to all plates on my gyms macine=100kgs, 60 kg leg extentions. good day. 220 pounds on calf raises. and 120 kgs on calf raises with smith machine.

good session wasnt as long as it could have been but i was tired and it still was a big day.

11-18-08, 11:55 am
Looks heavy, bro. So you don't even take protein? If not, I would check it out. It's very cheap considering the meals it can replace and the effectiveness post workout.

11-19-08, 9:28 am
i dunno i like this whole natural protein diet im on, lol its giving decent results. probably could do with a little bit more protein so i might look into it. any ideas?

11-19-08, 8:06 pm

very cheap and best tasting that i've tried.

Also, check out Universals Torrent and Real Gain.

11-20-08, 8:47 am
okay guys another big achievement for me today. it was back and bis day... which means deads..... yer its worth talking about lol.. i went 60kgs-8reps, 100kgs-5 reps, 160kgs-4 reps, 140kgs-5 reps, 100kgs-5repsx5sets... pretty decend being the forth dead lifts ever i think at least ahahh. i did a bit of shrugs just becuase i got told its good to do it with dead lifts? got up to 160 kgs on that.

rows (attached to the cables, sitting on the floor with a small platform pressed against the metal attached to the cable machine, so floor rows), 89kgs-20 reps, 107kg-12 reps, 113kg-8 reps (thats all the plate on my gyms cable machine,, so when i do go higher i add a dumbell lol)

bis did jack hammers and dumbell curls and bb curls. and 7s or 21s what ever you call it.... got up to 17.5 kgs with 12 reps on dumbells, my max is 22.5kgs.

so yer i feel it was a decent effort today. i also did other things not really worth talking about lol but a bit more back work.. i think i did deads to early in my session because i only shruged after it and a bit of ab work... but i only had an hour and a half in the gym to play with so yer.

just throwing it out there... i would love to hear from you guys about my progress....

btw- i realised today that people actually dont belive im lifting 200kg shrugs and, 160 kg deads, and 130 kgs squats... i hate it because i know i can do it. people in my gym SEEN ME DO IT! but when you tell otehr people they just think im shit talking!!!!! grhhhh!

and another note! when i lift deads, squats and shrugs, it seems that everything else but me and the weight dissapears from teh gym! its so cool feels like im in a movie! but yer does any one else get this way?

12-02-08, 7:20 am
i understand its been awhile but its okay.. my internet was down and my head was in the gym so i didnt really care to much!

quick update! cant f-ing belive it i shruged 240 kgs last night! i dead lifted 180kgs last week! and i squated 150! so im doing all right....

my diet has picked up again after a week of sloppyness lol. dam stupiid mcdonalds and there seared chicken burgers! lol back on 6 eggs and my daily tuna and now im up to about 700gms of chicken an evening and or 700gms steak... im getting pretty big and enjoying it!

i did however take a little leason the other day... the truth hurts! but makes it more enjoyabl!

im talking about gaining size! unfourtunatly im only 18! well just about 19 (17more days)... but my body isnt producing as much natural hormones and testorone and other goodies as it would where as if i was say 24! but on the flip side! training the big muscle groups like legs and traps and lower back, my body needs to produce more natural test and hormones and the other goodies! so me doing 240kgs on shrugs maynot magically make me have HUGE traps but it will boost everything else as well as traps and a great rate! btw my traps are booming! like wise with legs and lower back! so in theory and in practice... if i can continue my big power lifts or mass lifts (what ever you like to call them) and continueing to train and a good intensity as i am.. i should start to see great gains over the next 6-12 months! so in other words! train hard all the time! not ONCE! but i can handle that! just knowing i can lift that sort of weight brings a tear to my eye!

12-17-08, 12:56 am
monday i did squats. 24 sets! 10 at 150kgs x 3-5 reps. then leg extentions. it hurt oh so much to raise my legs! yay!

then i did some calf raises. maxed out my gyms weights. which is sad :( got 360 pounds. on the machine (which is its max). did 10 sets. 8-15 reps.

now its wed and i cant walk straight! i feel it every step! it feels ohhh so fucking amazing! i feel reborn! i am a new man! i had a huge keg delivery 54 kegs! had to stack em on top of each oterh to fit! that plus not being able to walk without pain! felt ohhhhhhh soooooo

12-17-08, 1:33 am
SHIT !! Brother it took me 4 years to get to those numbers and you're there already in 4 weeks ? :O ..

I have to know your diet man ! .... come out with it dude !
This is awesome !

12-17-08, 10:48 am
monday i did squats. 24 sets! 10 at 150kgs x 3-5 reps. then leg extentions. it hurt oh so much to raise my legs! yay!

then i did some calf raises. maxed out my gyms weights. which is sad :( got 360 pounds. on the machine (which is its max). did 10 sets. 8-15 reps.

now its wed and i cant walk straight! i feel it every step! it feels ohhh so fucking amazing! i feel reborn! i am a new man! i had a huge keg delivery 54 kegs! had to stack em on top of each oterh to fit! that plus not being able to walk without pain! felt ohhhhhhh soooooo

damn strong legs you got there bro. the day after legs is always the best, its like walking on the moon without the glamor of high technology.

01-21-09, 5:27 am
hey all sorry about the long reply time but i have been trainig hard and working hard so no time to come online.

but a nice update on my progress for teh beggining of 09! oh yer!

squats im up to 4 plates of 20kgs either side plus a 20kg bar so 180kg at average 3-8 reps. calf raises im still maxing out the stupid machine lol at the 341 pounds i think it is. dead lifts 180kgs shrugs got back to 260kg with bar and 150 kgs reversed. i benched 90 kg on decline yesterday. im averaging 80-100 kg on bench. military press only at 60kgs,

also with traps i have develeped my own signiture work out lol when i become as big as the top guns of this sport it will be made famous. its called the punishment set. it involves grabbing the heavist dumbells available. strapping in and shruging them for 20-30 reps this has to be achieved 3 times before un strapping or drinking or any thing. that is one set. it really does work guys lol. unfourtunatly my gym only has 50kg dumbells hence 30 reps. but make em nice and slow! doing 3-4 punishment sets is like doing 9-12 sets. min. make sure you rest between sets though lol and drink water!

so far my bulking 12 cycle is going really good. im getting animal nitro and animal m-stak as of monday. which should be a good healper. im 89 kgs which is up form 84kgs last year. i admit i dont have no perfect 6 pack but my upper body is really bulking up. i got another 6 weeks till i do a 6 week referbishing (cutting) cycle then back on the bulk for another 12 weeks.

im so glad to be back online!

01-29-09, 6:09 am
feels good to be back. dam australia day, lost two days gym because i was so fucking drunk!

but its all good i made up for it on shoulders and traps today. i military pressed 75 kgs (that is standing military), and front raises did 20kg dumbells. and 27.5 kgs bent over flys. traps did my usuall punishment sets. and side raises with 12.5kg dumbells. then a drop set down to 2.5kgs dumbells.

then ended up shruging 240kgs again. its not 260 but it will do. lol

bulking is goin very good. im now 90 kgs and looking much bigger. should be getting my animal m-stak and animal nitro on sat so start another cycle monday

had a little fan squad in today lol two random scranny teens, then shruged 60 kg max and then when they sore me i watched his mouth in the mirror. hes jaw nearly hit the floor lol and then i sore his mouth make out the words what the fu*k, funny shit lol

02-21-09, 11:29 am
SO I got bad news on last sunday. got told i was going to be out of gym for at least 2 months i cried! cried so much my misses slapped me! its only 2 months its your health blah blah fucking blah. any way end of story is by wed my back was fine so i did legs squated 160kgs on teh 13-14 set with reps of 8 then ended up with 24 sets of squats before i stopped. then a huge chest day. im waiting till tomorrow to stat again. will be a big shoulder day. i hope to military press at least 70 kgs tomorrow. well thats me! lol fuck doctors! be your own boss if you feel pain stop rest and come back when your ready doctors are dramatic! listen to your body!

i can go a totally drainin day on any body part and withihn a max of two days i am perfect again! why becuase my body is a quick healer! you will learn your own body! do so i advise you! any way! peace out all ill give you an update at the end of this week to let you knw how i did this week back!