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11-16-08, 1:50 pm
Brothers ive recently moved gym, they are open longer, have a bigger weights area, got a pool etc. But something dont smell right about the training regime they got me on. Shoulders, tri's, bi's and abs 3 times a week for a month (which includes military push ups, and tricep ones), then chest and back for a month. Is there method to this madness, or am i right in thinging something stinks?

Giant Killer
11-16-08, 2:13 pm
Do what you want to do. Are you obligated to have a personal trainer?

11-16-08, 2:21 pm
Not obligated just wondered if there was anything id missed or wasnt seeing in the regime.

Giant Killer
11-16-08, 2:53 pm
The best advice I have for any given program is to try it out and see how it works for you.

Have you experienced good results with a high frequency program before?

11-16-08, 3:26 pm
Never done high volume training before. They've also got me pulled my shoulder blades together while doing shoulder press, i know this sounds stupid but is that correct form?

11-16-08, 3:31 pm
What about legs? Never forget to train legs. IMO legs/back/core are the most important building block things to train. Above and beyond that shoulders, chest, then arms.

11-16-08, 3:43 pm
havent tried it but sounds like a waste of time. would rather focus on Legs, Back and Chest.

I dont trust any personal trainer. had a negative experience with one trainer this summer when I tried to join gym because of my injury (they have machines, he tried to put me down and criticized my form on every exercise ( for example he told I should SWING my back when doing cable rows to "activate" my lumbar). They act more like salesmen than anythign else, they don't really care if you make progress or not.