View Full Version : Pre Workout

11-17-08, 12:37 am
What do you guys think is a good pre workout snack?

11-17-08, 12:40 am
Whey protein shake, gives you what you need, and doesnt fill you up.

11-17-08, 12:23 pm
I've always had a legit meal prior to my workouts. Last night for example, I had 6oz chicken breast, with 5oz barilla pasta and some tomato sauce. Then, about 30min later, took my shock therapy, and went to the gym 20min later .

11-17-08, 12:32 pm
Personally, I'd aim at eating some good, complex carbs at least 1 hour before working out. I prefer a bowl of oats about 1,5-2 hours before any session. I also include some aminos right before getting to it. Protein comes after training - in my world at least.


On Letting Go
11-17-08, 1:31 pm
Try some fats. Natty PB or almonds about an hour pre-workout has worked well for me. I wouldnt eat that too close to the workout though, stick with at least an hour beforehand.