View Full Version : Bazookajoe wins at Eastern's

11-17-08, 9:28 am
Big shout out goes to my boy Joey. After a solid showing at the New Jersey Championships, the guy comes back one week later to win the Novice Light Heavyweight Class as well as the Novice Overall. I didn't get to make it out to the show because of personal matters I had to take care of, but I had the chance to see and talk to Joey Thursday when he came and stopped by my work. You could tell he was tired and worn down but nothing still could break his warrior like spirit. So I just wanna say congrats bro, you earned it. Much respect goes out to you bro. Keep doing your thing. Now rest up bc it's back to heavy training and good eating.

You can check out the pics here:


and here:


Big Wides
11-17-08, 10:24 am
Huge congrats big dog

11-17-08, 10:26 am
Hell yea, nice job man

11-17-08, 11:17 am
Congrats again Joe. Way to represent on that stage.

11-17-08, 11:21 am
Congrats big Joe!!!!

11-17-08, 12:03 pm
congrats joe...great job man!!

11-17-08, 2:40 pm
Congratulations bro.

11-17-08, 2:51 pm
Dang... You DO deserve that COOKIE!!!!
Great job, Joe!!!!


11-17-08, 5:16 pm
Congrats Joe.....you know my bro jay from Fitzone

G Diesel
11-17-08, 8:30 pm
No surprise there... Bazooka Joe has an awesome physique. Congrats and much respect bro. Peace, G

Joey D
11-17-08, 11:44 pm
Hey Joe,

You looked fantastic! Congrat's my friend.

Joey D

11-18-08, 2:01 am
once again, i thank each and everyone of you!!! mad support from u guys. time to regroup, grow, eat, and get a game plan together for the upcoming off season...and rest assured many ABC's are part of the recipe lol..thanks again guys, see u all soon!

11-18-08, 11:28 am
Yoo0 congrats man.

11-18-08, 3:46 pm
You looked awesome bro.

Big Congrats.

11-18-08, 3:49 pm
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you Bazookajoe!!!