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11-17-08, 10:11 am
Hi guys, im new here just want to ask how to get rid of belly fats faster?

11-17-08, 10:32 am
Hello and welcome.

Go to diet section and do a search on losing fat, there are loads of threads and posts on this, you posted in training section.

Once you have read all you can and have questions then post up on diet thread.

11-17-08, 11:11 am
Yea bro, your diet is the only way to get rid of any fat. More calories burned than calories consumed.

11-17-08, 11:54 am
Hi bro,
I am an overweight guy too and began using keto diet supplementing with animalpak and cuts doing cardio 4 days/week for 30 minutes on low intensity as Ox recommended. And the results are very great I already stripped down 25 pounds of fat in 35 days. What I recommend is read Ox's stable tread and get familiar with keto dieting than prepare a program for yourself drink 5 gallons of water a day and supplement with at least animalpak. ıf you have questions write back.