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11-17-08, 9:15 pm
Should through out some stats first.

I started my journey 1 1/2 years ago. I was a fat, out of shape, drunk that couldn't do a pull up if my life depended on it. That all changed when my doctor recommended lifting weights for stress relief. A couple sessions later I was sore as hell, and hooked!!!

It seems like I always have to learn things the hard way....So I guess my approach to lifting so far has been trial and error. I'll look at my routine that I was doing a few months ago and think what the hell was I thinking, but the upside to that is I'm always learning.

I'm 6'3 248lbs looking to bulk up until I feel like I've built enough muscle worthy of a cut. Here's a picture of where I'm at now.

Before I started taking Animal Flex my shoulders wouldn't let me lift enough weight to build my chest. Now I don't feel any pain and my lifts have all gone way up!!!

I'll start updating tomorrow.

11-19-08, 11:57 am
Cardio and abs yesterday...

This morning was legs and shoulders. This morning was the first time I've ever worn a belt. Since I've never worn one it took a while to get used to, and my lower back was bothering me by the end of the leg workout....Which has me thinking maybe it's a form issue and I need to take a closer look at my squat form.

I know I should keep track of my workouts with both the weights lifted and reps, but I'm usually so focused on the workout itself I don't keep track.

I started off with a few warm up sets of squats high reps with little weight. Then I did three working sets 225lbs x8, 8, and 7 reps. I know I can go a lot heavier, but before I do I want to have my form down solid. After that I kicked out a couple sets of light front squats. 135x12, 10 reps. Then came walking lunges with 35 lb db's. 3 sets of 25 lunges before my legs were on fire.

After doing lunges I planned on hitting the leg press, but a personal trainer was teaching a class of 10 people that were all taking turns with the leg press. Instead of waiting I decided to start on my shoulders. I grab a bar and head over to an empty space to start doing bent over rows. I drop the bar and walk over to grab a few plates, and the damn personal trainer splits her little class up and had them doing push-ups right next where I was setting up. I know the lady seen me set the bar down too which pissed me off, but fuck it. Instead of confronting her I just decided to take my anger out on my shoulders.

The rest of my workout was really intense starting with rows(ended up moving from that spot), standing shoulder bb press, arnold presses, front raises, reverse flies, then beat up my traps before calling it quits for the morning.

Overall it was a good workout, but I didn't hit my legs nearly as hard as I wanted to, and for that matter didn't hit the main shoulder exersize I wanted to either.....For the lifts I didn't get to do I'm sure I made up for it with the intensity that I hit all my other lifts with.

Note to self: Next leg workout I need to bust my ass to the point that I can barely walk up the stairs to get to my truck. I got a good shoulder workout, but to gain the size I need I can't leave the gym until I beat the shit out of my legs.

11-20-08, 12:47 pm
Got a good nights sleep last night, and was up and out the door by 5:30 this morning. Hatebreed blaring in my ears as I walked into the gym, and the beta alanine(sp) was giving me those good tingles. I was beyond ready to move some weight!

Here's basically what I did at the gym

Lat pull downs 2 sets wide grip, 2 sets with a closer grip
ez curl 21's 2 sets
one arm rows 4 sets using 80lb db's....Usually I'll use 100's but I was still feeling it a little from yesterday.
Cable low rows 3 sets
Hammer curls 3 sets
wide grip pull ups 2 sets.

I had to cut my workout short to get to work, but overall it was a decent workout.

Tonight I'm going to sit down and plan out my workouts for the next couple weeks. My rep range has been all over the place, and I might be overtraining. I have a problem wanting to workout everyday....I know after I start the day off in the gym my entire day will be better. So I tend to go overboard.

Anyone have any advice for a good split for adding mass?

11-24-08, 2:37 pm
Missed posting a really good chest & bi workout yesterday so I'll play a little catch up.

Incline DB press 4 sets 75s 8,8,6,6
Flat DB press 1 set 85's 8 reps- 2 sets 90's 6 reps
Pullovers 3 sets 75's 10,10,8
Preacher Curls 75lbs 1 set,8-95lbs 2 sets 8,7
Seated DB curls 35's 3 sets 10,10,8(usually go a lot heavier, but I tweaked my shoulder doing DB press)
Incline DB flies 50's 2 sets 10,10

This morning was legs-

Squats 225 3 sets 10, 10, 8
Straight legged deads 3 sets 135lbs
Walking Lunges with 25's....3 sets 25 steps.
Gym was crowded as fuck so again I didn't get to finish my leg workout before I had to leave for work. I need to get a lifting partner so I can push myself more on legs. I know I can at least do another 100 pounds on squats, but I don't want to do it without a spot.

I also did calf this morning.

On a side note hopefully my shoulder feels better tomorrow so I can beat the hell out of my back. If it's not feeling a lot better I'll probably take tomorrow off and let it heal a little.