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11-19-08, 6:17 pm
I dunno if this I'd a widely known exercise.. I've always done the decline situp with a plate, but I read an article of an Olympic sprinter doing this exercise: decline bench with the plate, rise up a little and hold there then push the plate up and down. Thats one rep. This increases the tension and how hard your abs work. I thought I'd give it a shot since it's new and WOW it kills! I tried it after doing 3x12 sets with 25lb and 35lb normal decline situps, then picked up the 25lber I barely got 5 clean reps. I def could feel more tension bringing it down.I'm going to start incorporating these into my workouts. Give it a try!

11-19-08, 6:21 pm
good find bro, i will get it a try next time i work my abs.

11-19-08, 9:20 pm
Sounds good, keeping the tension on throughout the whole moment will definately be hard.

11-21-08, 8:09 am
Thanks for the advice.
I did some thai boxing a while ago. After form training we had an abs workout. It consisted of 20 minutes hard work: crunches, leg raises, etc. in between exercises, just keep your feet above the ground - to also keep the tension on your midsection. First weeks you're unable to keep up and have to put your feet down from time to time.

Did some magic for me! So I guess if you do the same (keeping the tension on) but with weights you'll get one of your best abs workouts ever.

On Letting Go
11-21-08, 8:49 am
Good post Binney. Im gonna give it a shot today.

11-21-08, 9:12 am
I've always held the plate/DB out a little bit to add tension. I'll hafta try this technique.