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11-30-08, 1:32 am
This is going be long journey as Ive just started training in powerlifting this year and joined the college team. I compete in 220 lbs class, my total is 1085 lbs which is weak. I NEED/WANT 1275+ lbs which is qualifying for nationals. Its going be a year long process as I wont make it this year. However, I have a competition in 2 months and looking to improve my numbers slightly, doing the teams off season routine which is very similiar to WS training principles.

Current situation training sessions will be few and far in between as the next two weeks I have finals and 3 exams in between that so its study study. But I will not let myself be a victim and plan to try at least 1-2 a week and more I have the time.

Train hard brothers!

12-01-08, 3:55 pm
135 lbs x 8
145 lbs x 8
155 lbs x 8

3-Board Band Bench-Black Bands
95 lbs 3x8

Skull Crushers
55 lbs x 10
65 lbs x 10
75 lbs x 10

Tate Press
30 lbs 3x10

Side Lat Raises
25 lbs 2x12
30 lbs x 12

Barbell Shrugs
135 lbs x 20 (behind back)
155 lbs x 20 (behind back)
225 lbs x 10 (front)

It was been forever since Ive done high reps, so im trying to find my groove with my numbers.

12-04-08, 8:53 pm
POR Bench
185 lbs x 7
165 lbs x 8
175 lbs x 8

DB Bench Press
70 lbs 3x10

DB Standing Military Press
35 lbs x 8
45 lbs 2 x 8
30 lbs x 12

Dips with a pause

Rope Pulls to face
100 lbs 3x12

Hammer Curls
3x10 30 lbs

Bench is my biggest problem area, it needs alot of work.

12-12-08, 10:07 pm
Man, I need to get my ass in gear.
Finals are done with today, winter break
working and working out is all i will be doing

12-14-08, 11:53 am
I plan to start back up tomorrow.
First week or two is going to be light-moderate as I can prepare my body back into the brutal beating its use to getting.

No brothers supporting? Damn

12-16-08, 12:46 am
Light Day

x 5 155 lbs
2x5 175 lbs

Skull Crushers
3x10 65 lbs

Tate Press
x10 25 lbs
2x10 30 lbs

Side Lat Raises
3x10 30 lbs

3x20 135 lbs

12-18-08, 2:24 pm
275 lbs x 5
295 lbs x 5
315 lbs x 5

3x10 135 lbs

DB Rows
3x10 70 lbs

Light-Moderate Day

I have no brothers subbing in?

12-18-08, 2:29 pm
Good stuff bro. Good to see another Powerlifter around. There are a few of us here who keep logs.

Good luck with your training. Keep it up.

12-18-08, 2:47 pm
Thanks brother!
I keep an eye out yall logs

12-19-08, 3:52 am

I just joined the powerlifting team at my school too... same goal- getting to nationals in March. What school do you go to?

12-20-08, 2:32 am
Session 12/19/2008

3x5 185 lbs

DB Bench
70 lbs x 10
70 lbs x 7
65 lbs x 6 - Triceps were over worked from monday, they failed me so today.

DB Standing Military Press
3x8 40 lbs
30 lbs x 11

Dips- X, triceps were overworked. Could not perform a full rep. FUCK!!!

Rope Pulls to face
3x12 100 lbs

Hammer Curls
3x10 25 lbs

Today was light day. My tricep I found are still sore from previous, no clue why as it was an easy season. Tri's made me miss a few reps. I will drop down to only one bench day.

12-22-08, 8:21 pm
Session 12/22/2008


225 lbs x 5
245 lbs x 5
275 lbs x 5

Olympic Squats
185 lbs 3x10

Leg Press
3 Plates Each Side 3x10

Leg Curls
100 lbs 3x10

Weight was def. not hard exactly light to moderate. My legs were taking a ride on the pain train as I have had a leg day in weeks. They deserved it. Also I got my APT Wrist Wraps and Chalk in so its a good day.

12-24-08, 2:07 am
Sessions 12/23/2008

3x5 185 lbs

DB Standing Military Press
40 lbs 3x10
30 lbs x 12

Tate Press
30 lbs 3x10

Super Set
DB Alt. Screw Curls 30 lbs 3x10
Precor Tricep Extension 60 lbs x 10 70 lbs x 10 80 lbs x 10

Side Lateral Raises
30 lbs 3x10

I was squeezed for time due to work so I condense it. everything was in full gear and its returning back to normal the weights is getting easier again so its time to go balls to the wall.