View Full Version : Scares and Bodybuilding Comps.

12-02-08, 11:44 am
Wats up my fellow Animals!

I have a delima! I've been wanting to get into some competitions this upcoming season, but I got in a real bad motorcycle accident and I am scared up. Both my arms, my left shoulder, my back, and my right hip are all scared real badly.

Now wat i am thinking is since i'm scared so badly that when i go into a comp. the judges won't be able to see my cuts and real definition of my body becaue i feel they will be hidden a little by my scares.

I have some pix that i could put up later today if you all need to see. But i'm at the squadron right now.

Just lookin for some feedback on what you guys think about the situation??

12-02-08, 2:32 pm
It all depends on your goals and dreams. I have tat2's on both arms and n certain areas that will probably hide a lil bit of my definition. But my goal is to do one show and get up on stage and shine. If you have a goal to get up on stage, scares or not do it. Dont let a lil scare or many scares hold you back.

12-02-08, 4:29 pm
Yea i feel that! I'm jus gunna hit up the stage and do my thang..

12-02-08, 5:20 pm
scars. not scares.

12-02-08, 7:29 pm
do your thing and forget what everone else says.